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Vienda is the capital city of Anaxas, located on the bank of the Arova River next to the Vienda Bridge. Its population is largely human, but the City Seat is held by galdori. The Palace of the King is located at the north side of the city, as well as the buildings of Congress and several official Courts.

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Founded in ancient times by the human warlord Kasshar the Courageous, who named the land after his wife, Vienda has grown from a tiny hamlet to a major city over the centuries. Legend holds that Kasshar washed up on the banks of the Arova after battling an enormous wildebeest and plunged his sword into the sand, proclaiming it to be a new world. (In some versions of the legend, he was recovering from a night of revelry.)

Vienda was once the primary human stronghold in Anaxas, but it was sieged by the galdori during the War of the Book in 98 AT. The galdori set up a strong central government, reigning in human criminal activity to a manageable level and exerting control over the rest of Anaxas from the central hub. The dominant human underworld was forced to find a new home in Old Rose Harbor, where it remains to this day.


Vienda is a large and prosperous city. It is home to over fifty thousand humans and twenty thousand galdori. Wicks used to make up about 10% of the population; many nomadic wicks once used Vienda as a sort of base, returning every year or so to restock their caravans. Currently, nomadic wicks are banned from the city, while those who have lived in the city long enough to get a writ of residence are allowed to remain, provided they have a job and a home.

Some free passives choose to live in Vienda, usually in human neighborhoods.


Vienda has a large factory district which produces a vast array of goods. Exports include mass-produced machinery and parts, textiles, and literature - many famous writers take up residence in the city.

Most trade in Vienda is river-based, with the goods coming to and from Vienda along the Arova to Old Rose Harbor. Many farmers and livestock herders come to Vienda to trade, and load up steam barges along the bank of the river.

Vienda is a primary location for the purchase of the exotic and luxury goods which the galdori have a fondness for. Fabrics, spices, perfumes and jewelry are hot sellers. Most of these goods come from Old Rose, but there is a booming luxury business in Kingsway Market, spearheaded by local artisans and entrepreneurs.


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