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Kingdom Overview
Capital Mestigia
University Drekkur
Government Hereditary Monarchy
Rulers King Aum
Climate Coming soon.
Estimated Land Mass 2,700,000 sq mi
Population 7.85 million
Race Distribution 70%H, 25%W, 4.9%G, 0.1%P
Racial Breakdown 5.5 mil humans; 1.9 mil wicks; 385,000 galdori; 8,000 passives
Kingdom Details
Currency Balat
Patron Diety Ophur
Languages Estuan, Heshath
Kingdom Information
Play Status CLOSED for Play

Hesse is currently Under Construction and Closed for Play.

The Kingdom of Hesse is the closest kingdom to the south of Anaxas. It is comprised of mostly grassland; a few rolling hills, forests and rivers break up the immense, rocky flatness.

The kingdom is ruled by the unpopular King Amh, and while they historically claim the Circle God Ophur as their patron, Hesseans are largely agnostic and rather irreligious. Despite having seen much more prosperous times under different leadership, the kingdom's economy now relies on solely on its massive gold mines and trade with Anaxas.

For more information on the appearance of Hesseans, please see Genetics and Appearances.

The capital of Hesse is Mestigia, known as the City of Sunsets, and the unit of currency is the balat.

Apart from the capital city, Hesse is an overwhelmingly rural kingdom, with a handful of small stationary mining towns and villages. Most of the inhabitants work in or around the gold mines for which Hesse is famous. As gold is very common in the country, there is no wealth attributed to it and its acquisition is a matter of necessity - it is a luxury commodity for the richer countries of Bastia and Anaxas. As such, and taking into account the vast amount of fatalities that result from working in the gold mines each year, there is a great deal of resentment towards these two countries in Hesse.

A portion of the kingdom lives a nomadic lifestyle, moving with the weather conditions or animal migrations to propagate drake herds. This is a dying art, heavily reliant on human involvement in the management of these beasts.

The Hessean people value common sense above most things; their lack of superstition or religiosity make other kingdoms view them as immoral or heathenish. Hessean morality revolves around which action does the greatest amount of good for the most people, and pride strength of the body, oft tagged as a warrior race. Hesse has a history when it comes to warring and violence, though exceptionally gullible they have been taken advantage of for a long period of its history.

The humans in Hesse have an aspect to their culture that few galdori comprehend: they often play-act and put on elaborate satires en masse to confuse and manipulate their leaders. Though the Hessean galdori consider the human population to be primitive and uneducated, they have been duped more than once by the subtle and complex political gamesmanship. An example would be one famous incident when all the residents of the small town of Surreth paid their taxes in goat droppings, pretending to be too stupid to understand what the new galdori government wanted. In reality they were attempting to embarrass the galdori government and get them to recognize how much trouble the local economy was in. Due in part to this ploy and attributed to the quickly failing Hessean currency, taxes were eventually lowered.

Hesseans have an intense bond with the natural world. From their rolling plains to their short, dense forests, they take great pride in the unspoiled nature of their land and honor the animals and mythic beasts found within.

Climate & Topography

To come - Hot Semi-Arid

For more information on the temperatures and seasons, please see Current Events and the Weather Almanac.


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Top Cities by Population

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Specific Locations

  • Mestigia - capital city
  • Neze Nor - a primarily galdori village directly south of Mestigia
  • Arathnor - the largest gold-mining city in the kingdom
  • Breth - formerly the drake-taming city, now a traditionalist city populated mainly by humans
  • Orehane - human village near Breth with remnants of drake taming
  • Digitt - a rural mining town
  • Parhane - a large town near the border into Anaxas, a stopping point for most travelers
  • Sessett - a medium-sized town in the southeast
  • Set Derning - a small human village, the remnant of an abandoned mining town
  • Imogen - rural farming community
  • Tast - small unremarkable town in the northwest


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Race Relations

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Economics in Hesse

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Politics in Hesse

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Hesse is closed for play.