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This page lists articles pertaining to Vitan society and its government, as well as other pertinent organizations.

The Symvoulio: A Unified Six Kingdoms

The Six Kingdoms are unified under an international governing body known as the Symvoulio. Every ten years, or Symvouli cycle, the “seat” of the Symvoulio — also known as the Symvoul — passes to a new kingdom.

As of the current game time, the year 2720 AT, Anaxas has passed the torch; Mugroba is the current Symvoul, and the Vyrdag convenes annually in Thul Ka during the Rainy Season.

For an explanation of the Six Kingdoms’ political system and inter-kingdom dynamics, see the link below.

Politics of the Six Kingdoms

Although the Six Kingdoms of Anaxas, Bastia, Gior, Hesse, Hox, and Mugroba are united under the Symvoulio, they are autonomous and self-governed as well. Additional information on court systems, jurisprudence, and important laws in the Six Kingdoms are included in the information below.

Other Political Items of Note