OOC Etiquette

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Thorns: Uprising is meant for a mature audience capable of dealing with mature subjects from oppression to violence to sexuality and as such, all members must be over eighteen (18+) years of age.

Please be thoughtful, considerate, and kind to your fellow role-players. We aim to be positive, accepting and inclusive here on Thorns. We do not tolerate bullying or harassment, nor do we accept any out-of-character expressions of bigotry, such as classism, ableism, racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia. Religiously/culturally intolerant statements as well as weight/diet talk and jokes are included here.

It is our goal to keep our #general-chat Discord channel safe, friendly, and positive. Please make appropriate use of our #nsfw channel as well as our #vent-your-woes channel as needed.

Despite our world being an original one, always remember there are some things your fellow roleplayers will not want to take part in. Discuss the situation(s) beforehand and respect other members' triggers and sensitivities. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Seriously! Don't be a jerk.

Resolve your conflicts with other players privately instead of dragging issues into public chat, but if there is a behavior problem, do not hesitate to get the administration involved. That is what we are here for!

Be understanding and forgiving. We all have off days, bad days, and we all have to deal with our real life first, so keep that in mind in all of your exchanges with other members.

Remember that conversation involves more than just yourself in an exchange.

Please do read and be involved in other players' threads and story arcs, but there's never a good reason to be jealous about them. On the flip side, be sensitive to the enthusiasm of others about your character's journey and share it with them!

Don't post any information about another player that you do not have permission to post. This goes for real-life names, work, hobby information, location, etc. Just because you've been told something doesn't mean it's your place to tell it.

All incidents will be dealt with privately and accordingly.

Consequences of Violating Rules

The administrators use a system of issuing warnings instead of outright banning. We do this to give members a chance to correct their behavior. If there are repeated official warnings, however, the administrators reserve the right to remove the offending individual.

Nobody is going to find themselves permanently banned for one single offense, for we all know that everyone makes mistakes and conflicts more often arise from misunderstandings than wrong intentions.

If patterns of behavior continue or if other members complain about violations, the administrators will most likely be in touch with you to figure out what is going on. Refusal to cooperate or continued violating behavior will lead to a request to step back for a time or to leave the server and forum entirely.

The Bottom Line

The administrators also reserve the right to request the immediate departure of any individual at any time in instances of abuse or discomfort.