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These moderators are active and available should you need help of any kind. Feel free to send them a personal message on the forum, or talk to them in Discord. All our mods are happy to help you create your first (or newest) character on the site, to answer questions about lore or magic, to help you out with plotting, or just to listen. When in doubt, please ask!


  • Discord handle: @Muse (Muse#9982)

Muse is our developer and maker of the pretty web things. She is one of the original Thorns admins, and her lore specialties include the Bad Brothers, the Kingdom of Hox, and Passives. If you need help with Game Mechanics and Character Creation, don't hesitate to ask her all your questions!


  • Discord handle: @Raksha (Raksha#7396)

Raksha is another original Thorns admin. She likes to spread encouragement like its going out of fashion, and is open to plots of all shapes and sizes. Her lore specialties include the Drain, the Kingdom of Gior, the Kingdom of Hesse, and the Resistance.