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These moderators are active and available should you need help of any kind. Feel free to send them a personal message on the forum, or talk to them in Discord, as they are around most nights.

  • Muse: - Muse is our maker of the pretty web things. She is one of the original Thorns admins and all round great person.
  • Raksha: - Raksha is another original Thorns admin. She likes to spread encouragement like its going out of fashion, and is open to plots of all shapes and sizes.
  • Bard: - Bard is part of the new Thorns crew, and is our God of Lore. Seriously, Lore Machine. All's fair in love and...Lore. Ok, I've run out of puns.
  • Morrigan: - Morrigan is also part of the new Thorns crew. She is amazing at creating, amazing at writing and amazing at keeping everyone on track when they get excited and run away with ideas before thinking them through.

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