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Wiki-header-regilion.jpg Welcome to the Religion section. This page lists topics related to the predominant religion on Vita (Circlism) as well as other religious beliefs.


Circlism is a polytheistic religion centered on the worship of the Circle Gods. It is the primary religion throughout the Six Kingdoms. It is unknown at this time what religion is currently practiced in Naulanon and Shotha, but it is theorized a worship of the Circle Gods continues there.

  • Circle Gods: A pantheon of gods, arranged around a wheel in a specific order.
  • The Antelife: The life led by a spirit before it enters a newborn child.
  • The Afterlife: The unfortunate life trapped in the physical world instead of in the Otherworld led by both Ghosts and Raen after their body dies, as claimed by Circlism.
  • Evers: Theoretical dimensions that contain every possible outcome from every decision in the scope of reality.
  • Otherworld: The theoretical realm of spirits, the dimension where the souls of the deceased go after death and remain until they are reborn.
  • The Everine: A sect of galdori priests who are tasked with maintaining spiritual order, communing with the gods, and preserving the balance and flow of time.


Vitanism is a small religion, kept alive mainly by Hessean galdor culture (of all things) and humanity across the rest of Vita, that believes in one singular God, Vita. Vita is also the name of the planet; the god Vita is no longer widely associated with the world by the majority of the population.

  • Mythic Beasts: Vitan mythology includes several mythic beasts. They are not part of the Circle Pantheon, but in certain cultures are worshiped as demigods.
  • Spirits: Spirits are nonphysical manifestations of natural forces or objects. The belief in spirits is almost exclusive to humans and wicks, though some galdori postulate as to their existence.

Death, Burial, & Phasmonia

See the Culture of Each Kingdom for information on how different societies of Vita take care of the dead.

Raen and Ghosts

  • Raen: Souls whose flow between the afterlife and the antelife are broken, the Raen are souls who are doomed to wander through Vita. Unless they bond with a body, their soul begins to disintegrate, corrupting the world around its incorporeal form. They are a playable race here on Thorns.
  • Ghosts: Ghosts are apparitions of deceased people. While not proven scientific fact, the existence of ghosts is widely accepted, even by academics. Existing somewhere between sapience and sentience, ghosts are trapped in the world, often doomed to repeat memories and obsess over what little they can remember of their former selves.
  • A phasmonia, or "city of ghosts", is a small village built outside towns and cities to offer what many believe to be a comfortable place of respite for ghosts and spirits.