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Evers are theoretical dimensions that contain every possible outcome from every decision in the scope of reality. Every time anyone makes a decision, a new Ever is born, one where the opposite choice was made. The Everine theorize that the gods control and moderate the Evers, and judge them based on their choices; therefore, the current Ever must strive to be the best possible dimension, and all choices must be weighed carefully.

Heaven, Hell and Limbo

There are references in Vitan mythology to three hypothetical Evers called heaven, hell and limbo. These dimensions are based on morality in this world, and are considered entirely fictional, but are nevertheless referenced in the context of life and death (despite the belief in the afterlife).

Hell is described in a variety of ways, including a land of ice, a world of fire, or a lake of blood. Demons and devils are the denizens of hell, but serve no purpose aside from tormenting those who visit.

Heaven is generally seen as a place of sheer hedonistic enjoyment.

Limbo is an Ever where nothing ever happens; time stands still and no new memories can be formed.