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Autumn 2718

This season encompasses the month of Dentis and Vortas, and each month is 40 days. The Autumn season is 80 days in total and runs from November 1st to December 31st.

In the Kingdom of Anaxas, the Autumn Season marks the official end of the crop-growing and harvest seasons of the Kingdom. The heat of the previous two seasons fades quickly in the last few weeks of the Dry Season, replaced first by rain, then by the beautiful changing colors of deciduous leaves, frosty nights and mornings, and the migration of various animals to the east toward Mugroba's river basins or south toward warmer Hessean areas. By the end of Autumn, there is often snow in northern and western parts of Anaxas.

Mornings and evenings are dark quickly, the sun setting in Vienda by the 20th hour instead of the 23rd. Harvest festivals, hunting trips, and bonfires are all part of Autumn culture in Anaxas. This is a migratory time for the Nomadic wick tribes of Anaxas. Many of them have spent the Summer and Dry Seasons helping on farms and plantations, traveling to gather money and store food for the coming cold. During this time, many tribal wicks follow the migrating game and gather meat for the winter season. Tensions have diffused and many tribes participate in gatherings and hunting games together.

Brunnhold takes a short break in the middle of Vortas, from 15th-25th, and it is the last break before Graduation and Winter Break.

The Autumn Season across Vita is not the same in all Kingdoms. Hox is already covered in snow. Mugroba has its rainy season as temperatures cool by as much as ten degrees. Bastian and Gioran autumns are swift and wet, with snow coming early in Vortas. Hessean Autumn still sees crops growing and the official end of harvest isn't until mid-Vortas, their actual autumn season extending into Anaxi winter.

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