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Welcome to Winter 2718!

This season encompasses the month of Achtus and Ophus, and each month is 40 days. The Winter season is 80 days in total and runs from January 1st, 2019 to February 28, 2019.

Please note: this is the last season of 2718 AT, and players are welcome to continue to write threads throughout all of 2718 without making them memory threads. Any threads written pre-Intas 2718, however, are memory threads.

Season Overview

In the Kingdom of Anaxas, the Winter Season hits especially hard, with Ophus experiencing the harshest, most bitter cold on record in centuries. Writs revoked, many nomadic wicks suffer horribly during this cold because they are unable to take shelter in the protective walls of Vienda. Staggering deaths sweep through the tribes, and even the poor humans and tsats across all of Anaxas experience death at shocking levels from the frigid temperatures.

Darkness falls as early as the 18th hour in Anaxas and doesn't rise again until the 9th hour. Bastia and Hesse experience similar long nights and short days, as does most of Mugroba (although, the sun sets in Mugroba as early as the 16th hour). In northern Mugroba and all of Hox, darkness defines most of the season until the equinox. On that day, there is only one house (3 hours) of twilight-like daylight, with the days slowly lengthening again until the end of Intas when they begin to return to normal divisions of light and darkness.

Bastia and Hesse also suffer from the extreme cold, with the wind-swept plains and rugged landscape of Hesse blanketed in the most snow the Kingdom has seen in decades, slowing trade to a crawl. The Kingdom of Gior, built already into the mountains, feels the bitter winter far less heavily than her neighbors. The Kingdom of Mugroba revels in the cooler desert temperatures, and the stoic Kingdom of Hox, already buried in snow and winter, hardly bats an eye.

With Brunnhold's Graduation over—having finished up the five-day experience from Vortas 35-40th—Winter Break lasts until Ophus 40th. Moving In and Welcome Days offer students an opportunity to settle into their residences before Clock's Eve (Intas 1st) from Ophus 35th-40th, though the cold weather causes delays across the entire Kingdom.

Weather Almanac

For the entirety of 2718's weather data as well as a soon-to-come preview of 2719's weather, check out the Weather Almanac.

Open Threads

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Achtus Important Events

Date Title Location(s) Type Event Status Description
Achtus 1 Winter Break All Kingdoms Holiday Open Winter break for schools across the Six Kingdoms lasts from Achtus 1st until Ophus 35th, and this break is between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next. Most young students go home to be with their families, while some choose to remain before they rise into the next grade. Graduates settle into their internships or employment at this time.
Achtus 1-3 Severe Weather Anaxas, Bastia, Hesse, Gior Weather Event Open Achtus begins with a very rough ice and snow storm that coats much of Anaxas, Bastia, Hesse, and Gior in ice and snow. Gior, nestled in the mountains themselves, hardly notices. Hesse sends extra fuel to Bastia shortly after the snow is cleared from this particular stormfront.
Achtus 9 Ku Ossa Mugroba Holiday Open Ku Ossa is a yearly celebration of life, love and fertility. In Thul Ka, Mugroba, it is celebrated by the largest party of the year. The entire city becomes consumed by the preparation for the festival, and on the day of Ku Ossa the White City is filled with light and music.Please note that all Kingdoms are welcome to celebrate this holiday, especially if your character is from the Kingdom of Mugroba.
Achtus 13 The Remembrance Anaxas Holiday Open The Remembrance is the anniversary of the death of noted human revolutionary Claude Oreau, who was killed during the Anaxi Rookwen Massacre of 2705. His death is seen as symbolic of the beginning of the true Resistance, and is observed by the planting of winter heath, which represents strength against adversity. Please note: Participating in this event is risky because galdori do not sanction the holiday.
Achtus 14-15 Dark Days All Kingdoms Lunar Event Open These two days are particularly dark in inauspicious because both Benea and Osa are New Moons, leaving the cold sky dark and empty. While the view of the stars these nights are unrivaled, most superstitious folk believe these two days are very bad luck.
Achtus 36-39 Blizzard Conditions Anaxas, Bastia, Hesse Weather Event Open A severe snow storm covers most of Eastern and Central Anaxas as well as parts of Bastia and Hesse in deep drifts of, halting transportation and grinding businesses to a dead stop until everyone can be dug out again. Nomadic wicks and those in poverty in the Dives of Vienda and Old Rose Harbor suffer the worst of it, going hungry and without access to proper heating. Bastia's fuel crisis causes the death of many in isolated areas of the Kingdom. Hesse cannot send relief to either Kingdom because of the transportation issues the severe weather causes.
Achtus 38 Kingsmet Vienda, Anaxas Main Chapter Exposition Closed A secret meeting takes place in Vienda between Silas Hawke and a surprising cast of powerful people.

Ophus Important Events

Date Title Location(s) Type Event Status Description
Ophus 1 Dally Day Anaxas Holiday Open Dally Day is an Anaxi human holiday that consists of nothing but a day off of work. It was invented because of high levels of worker fatigue during the winter months. The day of Ophus 1st is a paid day of vacation. The day raises morale and gives workers a much-needed break.
Ophus 5-11 Deadly Cold Snap All Kingdoms Weather Event Open Temperatures drop to the coldest on record for centuries across many of the Kingdoms and even the Arova freezes over deep within the Soot District in Vienda, Anaxas. There are many deaths reported in the Dives and among the nomadic wick population who are outlawed from seeking shelter within the city limits. Pipes burst in major cities in Anaxas, Bastia, and Hesse, causing plumbing issues for any number of households, and taking well over a week to repair. Fires break out in the poor neighborhoods across many Kingdoms because people are desperate for warmth, making this Ophus one of the worst in a long time.
Ophus 8 Clogging the Drain Anaxas Moderated Event PM to Join Rumor has it a ship under Drain employ is on its way to brazenly dock in Old Rose Harbor and unload its stolen goods onto rive boats set to sail up the Arova right under Silas Hawke's nose during one of the coldest weeks in history. In order to make a statement, the Bad Brothers stage a very violent raid to stop it.
Ophus 10 Winter Solstice All Kingdoms Solar Event Open In the middle of the most frigid temperatures much of the Six Kingdoms have felt in ages, the winter solstice is celebrated everywhere by all races, some with a feast and the lighting of candles and lanterns despite the terrible cold. In Vienda and Brunnhold as well as across all of Hox, magical light shows are a huge part of the Solstice celebration. Mugrobi fireworks are a huge deal, though many of the celebrations this year are very dampened by the deadly cold. In Gior, large lanterns are lit on the outside of the mountain cites, visible from miles away and through the thickest of winter storms. A large pyre is burned on the Giore mountain summit above Qrieth.
Ophus 12-13 Snow Storm All Kingdoms Weather Event Open As if to compound the situation with the deep freeze, a layer of snow blankets everything just days after frigid temperatures wreck havoc through the civilized areas of the Six Kingdoms.
Ophus 25 Keep a Candle Burning Anaxas Main Chapter Event PM to Join Brunnhold Gated Passives can join this thread freely, non-passive players, please PM to join.

Winter break is winding to a close and students will soon be returning to Brunnhold's ancient campus to begin yet another new year. While most young residents go home, a handful of galdori youth stay over break. Sometimes, there's trouble.
Ophus 30 Examination Day All Kingdoms Event Open All prospective students, aged 9-11 depending on their birthdays and development are tested for magical ability, using the Brunnhold Standard Decimal Scale of 0-10. All galdori children who test a 0 are identified as passives regardless of their Kingdom home, and others designated as galdori and placed on their educational tracks accordingly.
Ophus 30-35 Moving In Days All Kingdoms Event Open The Moving In Days are for galdori students everywhere in the Six Kingdoms, allowing them to return to their residences and move into their new living accommodations in preparation for the new school year that begins on Intas 3rd. These days are staggered by form, with oldest students returning first and youngest moving in on the last day.
Ophus 38-39 Dark Days All Kingdoms Lunar Event Open These two days are particularly dark in inauspicious because both Benea and Osa are New Moons, leaving the cold sky dark and empty. While the view of the stars these nights are unrivaled, most superstitious folk believe these two days are very bad luck, especially at the close of the year.