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Welcome to Summer Season 2719!


The Summer Season encompasses the single, long month of Roalis and stretches for 80 days instead of consisting of two months of 40 days each. This season runs out-of-character from July 1st, 2019 to August 30, 2019.

Please note: this is the third season of AT 2719, and in the spirit of keeping a fluid timeline, players are currently welcome to continue to write threads throughout all of 2718 without making them memory threads as well as threads written in the previous seasons of 2719: Spring and Rainy seasons. Any threads written pre-Intas 2718, however, are memory threads. This may be subject to change by Autumn 2719, so please plan to wrap up 2718 current threads by then.

Season Overview

In the Kingdom of Anaxas, Summer Season casts off all the wet chill with great reluctance, though when it finally settles into the Sister Kingdoms of the Midlands, the weather is truly lovely. University students in all Six Kingdoms are out for the entire month of Roalis on Summer Break, though many students choose to pursue extracurricular educational opportunities in the form of internships, summer classes, lengthy field trips, or research studies. Some students even remain on their campuses, but almost every galdor finds a moment to enjoy the season at least once.

Particularly auspicious are the 51st and 52nd of the month, which see Benea and Osa full simultaneously on warm, clear evenings. The Summer Solstice falls on the 65th of Roalis, which is, of course, the longest day of the year. This is celebrated across all the Six Kingdoms, though Hesseans are known to be the most festive—their flower parades and feasts are the stuff of legends. All races celebrate the bounties of summer.

The days stretch their longest during the summer, and the sun rises around the 5th or 6th hour, with darkness sometimes not falling until the 24th or 25th hour, lasting nearly a full 20 hours on the solstice. Hoxian spring occurs during Roalis and the kingdom is so far north that on the 65th, the sun only sets for less than an hour.

Weather Almanac

For more of 2719's weather data as well as 2718's weather, check out the Weather Almanac.

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Roalis Important Events


Roalis 3rd: Day of Union.

A Mugrobi holiday, though one that is not necessarily universally celebrated due to it's controversial nature: it is the anniversary of the day that the War of Unification ended and all human tribes were united under galdori rule. For galdori, this day is of special significance, because it represents the beginning of Mugroba's magical renaissance; for humans and wicks, the day is bittersweet (or perhaps just bitter).

Main Chapter Events