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Welcome to Rainy Season 2719!


This season encompasses the month of Loshis and Hamis, and each month is 40 days. The Rainy Season is 80 days in total and runs from May 1st, 2019 to June 30, 2019.

Please note: this is the second season of AT 2719, and in the spirit of keeping a fluid timeline, players are currently welcome to continue to write threads throughout all of 2718 without making them memory threads as well as threads written in the previous season, Spring 2719 (Intas and Bethas). Any threads written pre-Intas 2718, however, are memory threads. This may be subject to change by Summer 2719, so please plan to wrap up 2718 current threads by then.

Season Overview

In the Kingdom of Anaxas, the Rainy Season finally feels like winter has loosened its very tight grip, only to replace snow and ice with so much rain. Loshis opens with the Feast of St. Grumble, chilly temperatures, and lots of rain.

The Spring Equinox falls on Loshis 17th, less than a week after the end of the Feast, and while this day is celebrated by all races, it is perhaps of more importance to the nomadic wick tribes who use it for timekeeping than it is to the rest of so-called civilized society.

The days have lengthened, though not yet stretched into the lazy lengths of the end of summer and the dry season. Throughout the rainy season, the sun rises around the 6th or 7th hour and darkness falls as late as the 22nd or 24th hour by the end of Hamis. Hox finally sees more sunlight as well, though the Kingdom is still locked snow until the Great Thaw in Hamis.

In the Kingdom of Mugroba, rainy season is known as Flood Season. It is the one time of the year that consistent rainfall touches the desert kingdom, and with the thawing of Hox adding to the water as it flows from the Steppes, all the waterways in Mugroba overflow. The Turga and other major rivers flood their banks and the rich silt at the bottom of the waterways once again renew the soil. This is a celebrated season in the Kingdom as well as the launch of the political campaigning in the capitol of Thul Ka for elections in Roalis.

Weather Almanac

For more of 2719's weather data as well as 2718's weather, check out the Weather Almanac.

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Loshis Important Events

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