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Magic in Vita is the system through which the galdori (and wicks) control the natural world.

For the galdori, magic is a sacred art that is integral to their culture and history. But it is more than that - it is a hard science in a state of ongoing improvement, working towards a perfect knowledge of the mona. Although magic has many applications in a galdor's daily life, a spell is as revered as a prayer, only used when necessary.

According to the wicks, magic is a tool, a means of asserting their independence and their culture. It is used to improve their own lives and the lives of others, but rarely for the purposes of combat. Because of its scattered and unofficial nature, wick magic is considerably more limited than galdori magic.

These sections will explain the major concepts behind magic. There is also a compendium of known galdori spells and a compendium of known wick spells, though these are meant to simply be a jumping-off point for your own writing and are not at all meant to be the set-in-stone only spells available.

Remember, every spell caster's relationship to the mona is as unique as their casting style, and not every spell is published for the public to use!

A quick overview can be found on the So You Want to Do Magic page, and a simplified Magic FAQs are also available.

Confused about a particular magical word? Look no further than the Lexicon of Magic Terms.

Galdori Magic

The Academia of Magical Conversation

Spokes' Magic

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