Discord Rules

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These are the rules for use of the Thorns: Uprising Discord Server. Even if you are not a member of Thorns, you are still held to these rules. An inability to follow the rules will result in a solid thwacking and possible repercussions on your player account. We would prefer that if you are not intending to make a character that you would seriously consider your presence on the Thorns: Uprising Discord Server. Our Discord is for players to chat, plot, and plan their characters as well as a place for staff to answer questions and concerns of new players. It is not a hang out spot for non-players.

Rules of Conduct

  • Basically, follow the OOC Etiquette. tl dr; Don't be a jerk.
  • Be courteous at all times. While debate is permitted, all-out flame wars are not.
  • Leave any sexist, racist and otherwise intolerant comments at the doorstep. No one cares if you think gingers are ruining the economy. Yes, this game is based around a racist society, but we're real people and we can afford some manners.
  • Vulgarity and sexual comments are to be kept to a minimum and kept almost exclusively in the #nsfw channel. If someone asks you to cool your jets, do so, even if they're not a moderator. The aim is to keep everyone feeling comfortable.
  • Use the appropriate channels for plotting, questions, and tagging. If you want to plot in detail, you're welcome to take it to DMs.
  • Do not flood the chat room with emoticons or repeated text or memes or pictures of your cat or any other part of your body. We have channels for that—use them.
  • Do not post links to offensive, hateful, vulgar or sexual content without in the general chat area(s).
  • Respect the staff and admins. All staff are blue. If you are repeatedly disrespectful to staff or players and refuse to listen to reason, the Discord admins reserve the right kick or banhammer you, or just remove your ability to speak, rendering you dumb and defenseless and utterly humiliated.