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The galdori (singular: Galdor) are a race of sorcerers, the primary political power in most of Vita. They rule over the humans and other non-galdori people (whom they call the "lower races") by self-proclaimed divine right.


Humans are the primary nonmagical race of Vita. They have no field and no magical ability. They make up the majority of the population, but hold little to no political power across all of the Six Kingdoms.


Passives (or parseare nonmagical persons born to magical parents. A passive has no controlled magical ability and no known field. A product of a rare genetic mutation and make up about 1% of all magical births.


Souls whose flow between the afterlife and the antelife are broken, the Raen are souls who are doomed to wander through Vita. Unless they bond with a body, their soul begins to disintegrate, corrupting the world around its incorporeal form.

Wicks and Witches

Wicks, or witches, are (for the most part) half-breed galdori. The term "witch" applies only to women, but both genders may be called "wick." What follows here is a discussion of wicks in general. The wicks of Anhau are discussed elsewhere.

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