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Humans are the primary nonmagical race of Vita. They have no field and no magical ability. They make up the majority of the population, but hold little political power; they live under galdori rule in almost every kingdom, including Anaxas.

Physical Description

The most distinguishing feature between a galdor and a human is their physical prowess and often their height. While there are some Kingdoms where galdori are as tall as humanity, for the most part humans are broader-shouldered, have a higher muscle mass, and often much higher endurance than their so-called superiors, mostly from a life spent in labor. While it is not impossible for galdori to reach the same level of strength (many passives pressed into physical labor can prove this to be true), the human body seems to come into such aptitude much easier than galdorkind.

Aside from this, there are some regional differences in the human race spread as it is across (almost) all of Vita that can be found in Genetics and Appearances.


Humans across all of the six unified Kingdoms are ruled by the galdori, who hold all the positions of power and use their magic to keep human activity in check. Most humans accept this state of affairs as an inevitability. Many, however, are unhappy with their situation, and have banded together to resist the galdori (see freedom fighters).

Most of human society operates in secrecy. Since their activity is heavily monitored by the galdori, humans have formed many secret societies to aid in the education of the youth, the literacy movement, and the distribution of wealth to the needy; others have joined the resistance movement and taken on false identities. Some humans speak Tek, a gutter language that formed among wick communities.

Violence and crime are a sad fact of life for humans. Many turn to a life of crime in the face of staggering economic difficulties and restrictions - humans don't actually own the land they live and farm on, must pay heavy taxes, and their land can be taken away at any time. Criminal syndicates abound in major cities such as Vienda; human highwaymen are scattered all across Anaxas, and in Old Rose Harbor pirates have almost complete control over the spice and luxury trade.

Nevertheless, a strong sense of morality keeps human society from plummeting into chaos and sin. Humans tend to be very loyal to the people close to them, and families rarely break apart due to quarrels or divorce; a human friendship is generally for life. Community is the most important facet of a typical human's life. Human families tend to be small because it is difficult to raise a child in the current climate of fear and oppression, and every year the taxes seem to get higher.

Humans are steadfast in the face of adversity. They fiercely defend their property and livelihoods, and take great pride in their appearances, homes, and children. Humans value resilience and courage, honesty and faith above all other traits.


Unable to truly own any property, humans pay high taxes and rent to the galdori government, often through intermediary landlords, who do all they can to scrape a profit. Most humans either farm (on galdori land, with permission) or work in the city in a factory or small business. Factory and farm conditions are tough, and humans have to be very strong, both emotionally and physically, to survive.


Circlism is the main religion of humans, and the only legal form of worship. Most humans are very devout in their worship, taking comfort from the institution of religion. In private, however, many worship the god Vita rather than the Circle Gods. Vitanism teaches that all beings are equal; humans tend to prefer this worldview to the one espoused by the galdori (that the galdori were created to watch over the human race).

There are public churches that are built specifically for human worship. The services are always held by galdori priests; occasionally an Everus will visit human churches and bless the humans individually. Humans do not attend church with galdori.

Playing a Human

See Playing a Human for important tips on how to approach playing a human.