The Antelife

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The antelife is the life led by a spirit before it enters a newborn child. In Circlist mythology, life begins at birth, but the ghost that is to be the child hovers around the pregnant woman for nine months while she is pregnant. For this reason, pregnant women are treated with high regard, almost as holy, for their perceived connection with the Otherworld.

The experiences of the spirit in the antelife are seen as uniquely important to the development of the child. Often, pregnant women attend shows or listen to music to please the spirit around them; they take great care to eat only fresh food and take short walks, and even talk to their child to be. Hard evidence supports this practice, so even the less superstitious humans take part in it.

The antelife is said to begin at conception, whereby an old spirit of a deceased person enters the lifestream of a new being, and continues its journey. It is a form of reincarnation.