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Welcome to Winter 2719!


The Winter Season encompasses the months of Achtus and Ophus, both of which are 40 days each. This season usually runs out-of-character from March 1st, 2020 to April 30th, 2020.

Please note: this is the final season of AT 2719, and in the spirit of keeping a fluid timeline, players are currently welcome to continue to write threads throughout all of 2718 without making them memory threads as well as threads written in the previous seasons of 2719: Spring, Rainy, Summer and Dry seasons. Any threads written pre-Intas 2718, however, are memory threads. This is the last season that anything written in the year AT 2718 will be considered present-tense. After the new year (2720), all threads written before Intas 2719 will be considered Memory threads.

Season Overview

Winter settles into Vita far more quickly than autumn did just a season before. Storms and snow impede travel across much of the Six Kingdoms, which only further fuels the anticipation for the shifting of responsibility for the Symvoulio from the hands of Anaxas and into Mugroba in the coming new year of 2720. Disruptions in trade and supplies so close to such a huge political and economic change in the Six Kingdoms caused by a stormy, bitter cold winter create a frigid air of tension.

Achtus is blustery and stormy, with winds whipping through Anaxas, Bastia, and Hesse dangerously. Snow begins to fall near the end of the wet month, piling up in Ophus amid a few scattered moments of blizzard conditions. Any hope of thawing before Intas is quickly snuffed out.

Temperatures in Anaxas, while warmer than last winter, are still hardly reaching above freezing in Ophus. Where Hox has been buried in snow since Dentis, Gior finally also sees a heavy coating of ice and white powder. Mugroba's nights are comfortably chilly, but the winds this year whip up terrible winter sandstorms.

The days are at there shortest, with the Winter Solstice occurring on the 10th of Ophus. The sun doesn't rise until between the 8th-9th hour and sets early between the 19th and 21st hours, though the northernmost Kingdom of Hox hardly sees the sun peek above the mountains for more than a single three-hour house (the Solstice has sunlight for only an hour and a half!) until the days begin to lengthen again in spring.

Weather Almanac

For more of 2719's weather data as well as 2718's weather, check out the Weather Almanac.

Open Threads

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Winter Important Events


Achtus 1-Ophus 40th is Winter Break for most schools in the Six Kingdoms, including Brunnhold. Only Mugroba's Thul'Amat is still in session since the desert university closes during flood season instead.

Achtus 9th is Ku Ossa in Mugroba, which is a celebration of life, love, and fertility. Feasts, marriage celebrations, and a mass wedding in the White City of Thul'ka are highlights of this holiday.

Achtus 13th is The Remembrance in Anaxas, though this holiday is only quietly, secretly celebrated by the lower races and especially those with ties to the Resistance.

Ophus 1st is Dally Day in Anaxas, and it is a day mandated by the lower races as a day off of work.

Ophus 10th is the Winter Solstice.

Main Chapter Events