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Welcome to Spring 2719!


Happy New Year, Vita!

This season encompasses the month of Intas and Bethas, and each month is 40 days. The Spring season is 80 days in total and runs from March 1st, 2019 to April 30, 2019.

Please note: this is the first season of AT 2719, and in the spirit of keeping a fluid timeline, players are currently welcome to continue to write threads throughout all of 2718 without making them memory threads. Any threads written pre-Intas 2718, however, are memory threads. This may be subject to change by Summer 2719, so please plan to wrap up 2718 current threads by then.

Season Overview

In the Kingdom of Anaxas, the Spring Season feels suspiciously like winter, only windier. Intas sees a severe wind storm as well as a severe snow storm, both of which cause damage and suffering among the poor in Vienda and all the way into the Northern Tors.

While the Spring Equinox isn't actually until Loshis, the early darkness and long nights of winter slowly begin to shorten by the end of Bethas. In Intas, darkness falls, on average, around the 20th hour in Anaxas and the sun rises around the 8th hour. Bastia and Hesse experience similar long nights and short days, but for the Midlands, by the end of Bethas, the sun sets around the 19th hour and rises around the 7th. Hox remains in darkness until the equinox when the sun finally reaches its apex for the first time in months.

The New Year begins Intas 1st, marking a change in the calendar from 2718AT to 2719AT. In Anaxas, the new year is celebrated famously with Clock's Eve, a kingdom-wide celebration of Alioe and the turning of another year. Galdori universities across the Six Kingdoms open their doors to students again and classes begin on Intas 5th. This begins the penultimate year of the Kingdom of Anaxas being the seat of the Symvouli as well, meaning that preparations are made throughout this year for the turning of the governmental cycle and the handing over of the seat of Kingdom unity to Mugroba in 2720.

Bethas marks the month-long Wick Festival on Surwood Isle. Wicks from every kingdom travel to the small island in the Arova, much to the displeasure of the Anaxi government to celebrate families, tribes, accomplishments, tribulations, and new births. Marriage ceremonies are a huge part of the Surwood tradition. This year, after the riots and revoking of writs in Anaxas and the severe winter across most of the kingdoms, there is a lot of mourning and uncertainty among the tribes. Conflict and blame, a restless impatience with government, and shock at the staggering losses of entire families to fighting and weather dampen the otherwise free-spirited and often wild expression of wick culture the Festival is known for.

Weather Almanac

For more of 2719's weather data as well as 2718's weather, check out the Weather Almanac.

Open Threads

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Intas Important Events

Date Title Location(s) Type Event Status Description
Intas 1st New Year All Kingdoms Holiday Open The New Year is celebrated in some way across all of the Six Kingdoms, though Anaxas is most famous for their Clock's Eve celebration.
Intas 2-4 Welcome Days All Kingdoms School Event Open Schools across the Six Kingdoms welcome back returning students as well as assist new first form students to settle into academic life.
Intas 5 Classes Begin All Kingdoms School Event Open Schools in all the Six Kingdoms begin classes mid-week.
Intas 12 Severe Wind Storm Anaxas, Bastia, Hesse Weather Event Open Severe winds rip across the Midlands and frigid temperatures wreak havoc on the poor and nomadic populations. Buildings are damaged, trees are uprooted, and ships are capsized at sea. Trade is interrupted for at least a week and cleanup efforts struggle through most of Intas because of the continued cold and wet weather.
Intas 16 Severe Snow Storm All Kingdoms Weather Event Open A severe snow storm once again blankets most of the Six Kingdoms, further burying Hox, bringing white tops to Mugrobi mountains, and smothering Anaxas and Bastia. Hesse is mostly coated with slick ice several inches thick in the higher elevations. Gior, as always, nestled in their mountain homes, hardly notices. Classes are canceled, trade is further interrupted, and the rest of the month finds various levels of suffering caused by such severe weather across many Kingdoms, especially among the already downtrodden.
Intas 19-20 Auspicious Days All Kingdoms Lunar Event Open These two days, despite the storms and the cold, are considered auspicious days by those who believe in such things, both Benea and Osa smiling down on Vita, bright and full.

Bethas Important Events

Date Title Location(s) Type Event Status Description
Bethas 1 Surwood Wick Festival Anaxas Cultural Event Open All of Bethas sees wicks from everywhere in Vita gathering on the large Surwood Isle to celebrate life and love and everything in between. This year's festival is rather sombre, weighed down by further conflict, loss, and struggling with severe weather and its affects in the nomadic population. Marriages and births are celebrated.
Bethas 1 Maltalaan Mugroba Holiday Open Maltalaan is an annual week-long festival that celebrates Hulali and the Ocean. It is celebrated by all of Mugroba, especially traders and wicks, who travel on the rivers. Pirates and sea captains from all over Vita celebrate this festival, often traveling to Mugroba to be part of the ceremony. Mugrobi in any Kingdom can celebrate this holiday.
Bethas 3-5 Severe Snow Storm All Kingdoms Weather Event Open Just when the Kingdoms were recovering from Intas' severe weather, another severe snow storm hits in early Bethas, grinding all of that hard work to a halt for a few days. This is the last severe snow of the cold seasons, however, and temperatures begin to warm up from here. A little.
Bethas 15-25 Arts Fair Anaxas School Event Open The [[Arts Fair[[ is held annually in the University of Brunnhold. It lasts ten days at the minimum, but has been known to go on for as long as a month. Players are welcome to visit, participate, and otherwise interact with the event. Classes are not canceled for the fair, and the annual event is often used to showcase new technology, fashion, and other creative pursuits. Many an artist has gotten their start at an Arts Fair.
Bethas 11-12 Auspicious Days All Kingdoms Lunar Event Open Once again, Benea and Osa are both full on these days, which happen to overlap during a terrible windstorm. The auspiciousness of this lunar event is doubted by even the most austere of wicks.
Bethas 11-13 Severe Wind Storms All Kingdoms Weather Event Open Several days of severe winds rip across the Six Kingdoms. Sandstorms are whipped up in Mugroba, ships are capsized at sea, Old Rose Harbor is belted with high waves, and Hesse is whipped by howling, icy wind. Trade again is interrupted, which doesn't bode well for the economy of the Six Kingdoms in this last year of the Anaxi Symvouli. As the government prepares to gather for the Rainy Season, this wind storm becomes a negative harbinger for what's in store.