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Welcome to Dry Season 2719!


The Dry Season encompasses the single, long month of Yaris and stretches for 80 days instead of consisting of two months of 40 days each. This season runs out-of-character from September 1st, 2019 to October 31st, 2019.

Please note: this is the fourth season of AT 2719, and in the spirit of keeping a fluid timeline, players are currently welcome to continue to write threads throughout all of 2718 without making them memory threads as well as threads written in the previous seasons of 2719: Spring, Rainy, and Summer seasons. Any threads written pre-Intas 2718, however, are memory threads. This may be subject to change by Autumn 2719, so please plan to wrap up 2718 current threads by then.

Season Overview

In the Kingdom of Anaxas, Dry Season is the hottest season of the year and is characterized by a rather singular lack of rain and sweltering, dry heat. Windy days are common, with sometimes dangerous strong winds whipping from the east and tearing across the entire Kingdom. For the lower races, this season is particularly unpleasant, as the factories of the Soot District, Vienda, have very little opportunity to slow down for the often oven-like conditions that can occur in this season. Deaths in the working classes are not uncommon and complaints often go unheard.

Students return to their classes after Roalis' summer break, windows open and sweating beneath their uniforms. Frozen treats and trips to the river to cool off are regular parts of every Anaxi citizen's Dry Season entertainment, and fireworks are a common evening past time.

Auspiciously, both moons are full on the 35-36 and 67-68 of the month, on relatively clear nights.

The days slowly begin to shorten during Yaris, and the sun rises around the 6th or 7th hour, with darkness beginning to fall around the 22nd to 24th hour with Autumn on the hot horizon. Hoxian autumn begins in Yaris and the sun begins it's careful movement toward the near-complete darkness of winter once again.

Weather Almanac

For more of 2719's weather data as well as 2718's weather, check out the Weather Almanac.

Open Threads

If you'd like to see what Main Chapters and Player Storylines are currently seeking participants, please visit those sections of the Lore.

Yaris Important Events


Yaris 1-12: Gala of Physics.

The Gala of Physics takes place on Brunnhold's esteemed campus and is one of the largest, most spectacular displays of science and progress in all of the Six Kingdoms: inventors, researchers, and other folks gather from places near and far, filling places like the Lawn and the Courtyard with amazing new examples of galdori (and sometimes even human) ingenuity (though, of course, no humans are allowed to represent themselves). The buzz this year? Besides the rumor of rifts in the magical ley fabric of Vita and hatchers that has filtered from Gior despite the Gioran efforts to keep it suppressed, the locomotive, complete with a fantastic steam engine, makes its debut this year to much fanfare and anticipation!

Main Chapter Events

  • Yaris 1-12: The Gala of Physics makes a huge impact in the Six Kingdoms this year.
  • Yaris 35-40: A Career and Internship Fair is held on every University Campus in anticipation of graduation in Yaris.
  • More Yaris Events TBA