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Welcome to Autumn 2719!


The Autumn Season encompasses the months of Dentis and Vortas, both of which are 40 days each. This season usually runs out-of-character from November 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019.

Please note: this is the fifth season of AT 2719, and in the spirit of keeping a fluid timeline, players are currently welcome to continue to write threads throughout all of 2718 without making them memory threads as well as threads written in the previous seasons of 2719: Spring, Rainy, Summer and Dry seasons. Any threads written pre-Intas 2718, however, are memory threads. This may be subject to change by Winter 2719, so please plan to wrap up 2718 current threads by then.

Season Overview

All across Vita, the Autumn season finally brings about some changes.

With the months marching onward toward 2720, Anaxas - the current seat of the Symvoulio - prepares to pass the torch to Mugroba, and Mugroba prepares to receive it. Whispers abound that Mugroba is unready for the political seat, and that Anaxas isn't quite ready to let go.

After the riots in late 2718, the controversy over wick residence writs in Vienda, and the bombing of Dorhaven, increasing unrest in Anaxas has everybody on edge. The announcement of Jon Serro's death in Yaris is just the last in a series of events; as Anaxas gives up the Symvoul and the Six Kingdoms' attention shifts to Mugroba, tensions are sure to escalate.

Autumn is somewhat late to the Sister Kingdoms: the last season was especially dry and hot, and clings to Anaxas and Bastia for the first week and a half of Dentis, with the first few days seeing some of the highest winds in the year so far. Nevertheless, temperatures do cool, and the fever is broken. As Dentis rolls in, rain is more and more frequent, though not to rainy season’s extent. The leaves start to turn, and toward the end of Dentis, they begin to fall, blessing the kingdoms with a riot of color.

By Vortas, autumn is in full swing in Anaxas and Bastia. Temperatures are lower, mostly in the 30s fahrenheit but often dipping below freezing at night. The leaves have turned, and by mid-Vortas, most of them have fallen, leaving bare branches. Northeastern Bastia is beginning to see winter temperatures, and even southern Anaxas sees scattered snowfall in the last two weeks of the month, harbinging a winter cold as last year’s.

Outings to view the changes in the leaves are common in the Sister Kingdoms of Anaxas and Bastia, and hunting is an important activity in Hesse during the Autumn. In Mugroba, evenings are finally cooler than usual and dinner parties under the stars are an important part of the desert culture. Gior and Hox begin to see frigid temperatures, if not snow, some of which started to fall in the Dry Season.

Auspiciously, both moons are full on the 10-12 of Vortas, on crisp, clear nights.

The days have shortened further, especially after the Autumn Equinox, and the sun rises around the 7th or 8th hour, with darkness beginning to fall around the 20th to 22nd hour with the dark of Winter on the horizon. Hoxian winter has begun and the sun doesn't rise above the mountainous horizon again until it's careful movement toward the near-complete darkness of winter once again.

Weather Almanac

For more of 2719's weather data as well as 2718's weather, check out the Weather Almanac.

Open Threads

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Autumn Important Events


Dentis 18 is the Day of Fools in the Kingdom of Anaxas.

Vortas 15th-25th is Autumn break for all schools in the Six Kingdoms, though this week-long break is usually spent preparing for graduation on campus and/or making final arrangements among students for their degrees.

Vortas 20th-30th is The Fast of Akarra Haia in Mugroba, which is a time of fasting spent in consideration of need and appreciation for that which they have.

Vortas 35-40 is graduation in all major Universities across the Six Kingdoms, spread out among various departments and in special ceremonies.

Main Chapter Events

  • Stay tuned for Dentis and Vortas events!