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Vita* is the world god, widely worshiped by humans before Circlism gained popularity. The religion concerned with Vita's worship is called Vitanism. It is a small religion, kept alive mainly by human refusal to change. Vita is also the name of the planet; the god Vita is no longer widely associated with the world.

Core Beliefs of Vitanism

  • The world is a single living organism - the god Vita.
  • Vita is not a god with gender, age or a mind of its own.
  • All life is connected, and therefore equal; everything in the world is part of Vita.
  • Every living being has a soul. Souls are part of a collective soul belonging to Vita.
  • After death, the souls of the living pass on to other parts of Vita. The mona that compose the dead body become nutrients, fathering new life, making Vita grow.
  • Good deeds towards all life foster peace within Vita.
  • Negative energy caused by bad deeds hurt Vita as a whole, and degrade the quality of life for everyone.
  • Within the world, there are certain spirits that embody natural forces or objects.**


The galdori oppose Vitanism on the basis that if everything is part of the same whole, everything must be equal; galdori society believes that there is a fundamental pecking order to life, and therefore takes issue with the religion.


Vitanist ceremonies generally involve group prayer in sign language. Because Vitanism is heavily discouraged in most countries, these ceremonies are mostly held in silence, and in secret. They involve meditation, deep thinking on the oneness of all matter.

Texts, Teachings, and Leadership

There are no longer any Vitanist prophets or religious leaders. There are, however, storytellers, who are tasked with passing on the Vitanist teachings to the younger generation.

* The word Vita also refers to the physical world.

** Spirit belief is far more common than the religion as a whole. Non-Vitanists often believe in spirits.