Bad Brothers

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Bad Brothers
Kingdom Anaxas
Race Mixed
Legality Complicated
Leader Silas Hawke

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The Bad Brothers is the common name given to the group of thugs that do the work of Silas Hawke, the crime lord of Anaxas and the self-styled King of the Underworld. The mob's name is misleading; the group contains many women, often hand-picked by Hawke himself.

The Brothers are based in a huge underground cave known as the Sanctum; the location of the entrance is not known to the general public. It is said to be even safer than Brunnhold, which is, by all accounts, a fortress.


The Bad Brothers first appeared about 20 years ago. Hawke himself was a silent, nameless force for a couple of years during the group's formation. Before the Brothers, Old Rose Harbor was controlled by several rival criminal families and crime syndicates. Hawke convinced a few of them to join forces, choosing the groups with the most material wealth, and took on all of the others, who were forced to join (or killed).

There are still many smaller gangs and lesser criminals around Old Rose Harbor, though the truth of the matter is Silas is aware of almost all of them, allowing some of the rivalry and competition for financial reasons as well as keeping them around for cover for most of the other activities the Bad Brothers are invlolved in.

His control over the Harbor strengthened when he appropriated many of the pirate ships that plagued the trade routes between the Muluku Islands and Anaxas. Because he kept them in check (patiently acquiring one vessel at a time) and facilitated legitimate trade, he was afforded many luxuries from the galdori government for his so-called service to the Kingdom. Eventually he established his own currency, the bird, which effectively replaced the concord in international trade. The ability to control the cash flow through the ports of Old Rose Harbor to the rest of the Six Kingdoms meant that Hawke was now the unequivocal leader in international trade.

The success of the bird led to pirates seeking commissions with the Bad Brothers, joining out of self-preservation or greed or even gratitude.


Due to the Bad Brothers' influence, Old Rose Harbor is now thriving and prosperous. Organized crime has, ironically, improved the area considerably, as there is less out-and-out fighting. The Brothers keep the peace and take taxes from the people, and the galdori government of Anaxas turns a blind eye. As long as the Brothers bring in a heavy profit for Anaxas, there have been no orders to oppose the Bad Brothers or even the bird currency.