The Pools

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Public bathing is considered an efficient and economic means of getting clean for all races. Although the concept is the same, the nature of the buildings is vastly different between races.

For galdori, communal baths are strictly separated between men and women. They are large, spacious, and there are several servants to attend guests. The most modern methods for relaxation are used in these bathhouses, from techniques like mineralized mud baths, to steam therapy. The largest bathhouses have more than six rooms for each sex, each with a different 'theme'. The water is always hot, and the baths close promptly at 24 o clock. In Vienda, the most popular galdori bathhouse is called Benea Waters and in Brunnhold it is the Aulu Waters.

The human baths are not quite so fancy. They are large spacious rooms with stone floors and large baths, and in the smaller, poorer bathhouses there is no separation between sexes. They have built in stone seats spaced out for people to sit on. The largest bathhouse for humans, The Pools, is in Vienda. It boasts two separate rooms for men and women. Each has two pools (a shallow one and a deep one), and four shower stalls. Buckets are readily available by the bathhouse attendants for a tally if you forgot to bring your own. The water is generally hot to lukewarm, and it is open from dawn to midnight every day except the nines.