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Shotha is the southernmost of the Ten Kingdoms. It is a primitive jungle kingdom that has limited contact with the outside world. Their official language is Sho, for which two dialects exist: Ze (in the north), and Doa (in the south and west).

In the lush forests of Shotha, a race of humans and galdori live together peacefully, defying all convention. Among the ruins of an even more ancient civilization a rare example of cooperation thrives, baffling all who visit.

The Southern Monks are seemingly free from conventional magic, relying instead on the power of the True Language, a tongue spoken both magically and conversationally. This language is extraordinarily complex, and for reasons not fully understood cannot be spoken correctly outside of Shotha itself. It is a mysterious land, and there are rumors about certain gods taking up residence in some of the flooded temples and intricate canopy kingdoms for short periods of time, lending an air of divinity to the jungle.

There is no system of central government in Shotha; their society is tribal and order exists only in autonomous collectives. There is no technology to speak of, though the few Shothans who have visited outside their kingdom are shockingly intelligent.

Not much else is known about this kingdom, and in the past, exploration of the area had been done tentatively so as not to disturb the natives.

There are no Shothans currently living outside their country due to a heavily guarded border.

Shotha is closed for play.