The Mad Queen

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Once upon a time, the Mad Queen was a famous pirate galleon, her scarlet flag striking fear in any that saw it across the Austan Ocean. Her Captain, Scarlett Jezebel, was known as a ruthless marauder but also a wry business woman. After a particularly sorry battle between herself and another pirate queen, Scarlett made port in Old Rose Harbor, in search of a shipwright and supplies. Instead however, she soon discovered there was a niche the city was missing. The city was growing under the guiding hand of a young man by the name of Silas Hawke, and if there was one thing that could thrive in a budding pirate town it was pleasures of the flesh. Disbanding her crew, Scarlett employed desperate men and women looking for a bit of coin. It started as word of mouth, a few coins for a good time in the bowels of the Captains garishly red decorated room.

Her endeavour managed to capture the interest of the young Hawke. He propositioned her with a business deal, he would provide her with starting funds and resources to build her business in turn for a cut of all profits and unlimited access to the brothel. Souls indentured to him, but loaned to her. Scarlett took the deal, and The Mad Queen blossomed.

The ship was turned into a permanent beached establishment, the insides of the hull gutted and refurbished into a lewd and debaucherous den of pleasures. Dancing, touching and even more, all on sale in the bowels of the Queen. Scarlett leads her business from the Captains office above deck.

Nothing is off limits, provided you can pay.


Located just beyond Angler's Alley one will find the Queen permanently moored and structurally built into the docks themselves. Walking along the street, pretty young creatures of the evening lean on posts or walls, smiling laviscious smiles and plying wanderers to join them amongst the shadows.

A gold bird for five bits, just back here love...

Promise it’ll be good honey, just try...

The closer one comes to the vessel, they will notice the dim glow of scarlet lanterns hanging from the hull, more half naked beings beckoning with wet lips and heavily lidded eyes. To enter the establishment, one needs to walk between the bodies, up the gangplank and on deck. There you are greeted by more red lighting and sheer fabric hangings, and on the right is the Captains Quarters, doors shut tightly. Over the top of the doors, a brightly painted sign names the establishment.

The Mad Queen.

Either side of the quarters are a set of stairs, leading down into the bowels of the ship. Laughter, music, sweet smelling incense and sounds of carnal delight rise from the depths to tempt the weary sailor fresh on shore leave. As one walks down into the den of flesh, they will be greeted with a surprisingly large and open tavern. More red decor fills the place, either paint or soft lantern light, or decedent fabrics of sheer chiffon or luscious velvet. A bar wraps around the right of the room, with a small stage at the rear. Tables filled the centre, seating two people comfortably or four people uncomfortably. On the right are a series of private booths with velvet covered bench seats, clearly used for some one-on-one time with the men and women that work at the Queen. Curiously, from beyond the stage more stairs lead up and down on each respective side, the rest of the establishment being built off the back of the ship, making it seem truly bigger on the inside. Those stairs lead to far more private spaces, as well as the personal quarters of some of the staff.