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Dolosgonne is a small human village that sits on the lower west side of the mountain ranges.

Seated at the foot of the Giore mountain ranges, Dolosgonne is known for its rich mineral mines, where they most famously bring up the blue Gioran salt which is exported across to Verit Lie for export to Hesse, Bastia and other Kingdoms of Vita. The people that live here are hard working and rough, there is no soft touchy-feely here. If you come to Dolosgonne, you come to work.

There are no galdori in Dolosgonne, though humans are common. There are a smattering of foreign wicks residing here as well, though should you ask, there would be no such people.

Dolosgonne and Omn Lie are in a huge rivalship regarding their mining and export. It can very easily break into a fight if you mention Omn Lie in Dolosgonne.

Some places of note:

  • The Inn - a straight forward no nonsense place to stay a night. There's a tavern downstairs, basic and unremarkable. Sells warm food and warm drink
  • The Diner - the local place that you might class as a 'formal' place to eat and drink. All miners come here after a day's work to drink and complain
  • The Shed - the large factory where the salts and minerals are stored and refined for export
  • The Shops - a collection of essential places to shop or obtain services, such as a general store, barber, ect.