Omn Lie

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Omn Lie is a small human village that sits on the lowest point of the coast of Gior.

Nestled on the coastline of Gior, Omn Lie prides itself on its thriving fishing community as well as the pristine amber Purist salt that is mined from the cliffs that line the beaches. This salt is self proclaimed by the humans here to be of a much higher and more refined quality then Gioran blue salt, and use their own trade vessels to export it across to Hesse and Mugroba, and other Kingdoms of Vita. The people that live here are absolutely charming, full of laughter and life.

There are no galdori in Omn Lie, though they are welcome should they come.

Omn Lie and Dolosgonne are in a huge rivalship regarding their mining and export. It can very easily break into nasty words if you mention Dolosgonne in Omn Lie.

Some places of note:

  • Salties - a lovely beachside establishment that you can get a good meal and a great drink. All the locals love Salties
  • The Wharf - the actual businesses around the docks that are set up there. Home to the fish cleaning, drying, salting and sorting warehouses
  • Amber Docks - the docks where the fishing and trade boats moor. Named after the salt that is mined from the cliffs along the shoreline
  • Cliffs of Imaan - cheekily inserting the name of the most revered of the circle in Gior, the Cliffs are a soaring minesite for the Purist salt that Omn Lie is known for
  • Seaside District - a quaint open air shopping district where you can visit various shops and businesses. Hosts a daily market for stall holders and such
  • The Purists Inn - a welcoming keep where you can get a soft warm bed and hot beverages. A small cafe is set up outside where you can see the beach