Verit Lie

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Verit Lie is a human town situated on the upper east coast of Gior, right beside the waters of the Galkan Ocean and just a ferry ride from Hesse.

Verit Lie is known for its vineyards, and though no self respecting Gioran would ever partake in the wine produced from the town, it is exported to the other human settlements in Gior and has managed to start trade into other kingdoms such as Hesse and Anaxas via oceanic trade routes. It is a simple village, the people are farmers or wine makers, and there is no galdori presence.

Some places of note:

  • The Press - the only inn in town, also doubles as a tavern and a place to have a hot meal
  • Hilltop Vineyard - one of the more prominent vineyards in the township
  • Eriek's Farmstead - a large farm that provides livestock and produce for the town. Many of the townsfolk work here or at Hilltop
  • Shadeyglen Square - an open-air market