Trader's Market

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The Trader's Market is an open-air market on the east side of Old Rose Harbor.


Bustling with constant activity day and night, this market is the perfect place to make a deal, with hundreds of merchants and buyers within spitting distance of one another. There are a few scattered stalls surrounding the open clearing, but many have been toppled due to excessive enthusiasm (and, in some cases, drunkenness). All around, echoing off the tall buildings, is a cacophony of voices shouting "Lookin' to buy silk!" or "Full shipment of cassia right here!" or "Sellin' five drums o' premium oil!" The smell of sweat and tightly packed bodies permeates the nostrils.

Off to the side, a smaller, more organized crowd is huddled. They are dealing with a tall man in a black suit, who is passing out packets and pocketing small sacks of coin with a shifty look in his single eye.