The Dog Yard

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The Dog Yard is located in an abandoned part of the harbor; forgotten yards littered with debris and the wrecked remains of houses line the depressing length of Sallow Street. There is hardly any color here. Against the dead greyness of the houses and the earth, even the subtlest of criminals might feel candid and vulnerable. The wind howls through the broken windows, but apart from this sound there is hardly any noise, movement or sign of life.

The Yard itself is near the end of the street, set against a wide open sky; as you approach, you feel a definite sense of apprehension.

A tiny hut is the only thing resembling a house - and it is a loose resemblance. Most of the square patch of land is taken up by a fenced-in area, in which dozens of dogs are milling about. As you approach, they begin barking viciously and straining at their chains. The sound of barking and clanking chains echoes in the empty air.

Outside of the fence, a grey old man sits in a derelict stuffed armchair. He stares out at nothing in particular; you might notice that his eyes are a pure, sparkling yellow, like the sun.