Shook's Apothecary

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Shook's Apothecary sells some of the finest and rarest herbs and potions this side of Thul Ka. It is located on the west side of Old Rose Harbor. It is a good place to find poisons, potions, medicines, spices, or even a high-paying job.


Shook's Apothecary is famed worldwide for its owner's audacity in procuring rare materials, but in truth, Old Man Shook employs third parties to do all the heavy dealing; he merely owns the place, looming in the background, watching his customers closely for signs of shoplifting or other illicit activities.

Inside the dark and dusty shop, a pungent, acrid smell greets your nostrils. The walls are simply littered with cubbyholes, each labeled in tiny, precise script by Shook himself. Protruding from these holes are huge bundles of herbs; in some, glittering jars and tins are stacked haphazardly.

Shook greets you with a trembling hand raised in salute, his keen blue eyes watching your every move.