Rutger's House of Pain

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Perhaps to spite all of the gloomier buildings surrounding it, Rutger's House of Pain is painted red, though the once-vibrant hue has been scorched a dull copper by the sun. The sign outside, which features huge bold letters, creates little question as to the nature of the establishment.

Holding true to it's name, Rutger's does not disappoint once you have crossed the threshold. Nearly every surface is covered with weaponry. Tin cans of bullets line the walls, and the number of guns, swords, maces and other tools of persuasion are simply everywhere. The paint has not faded here - powerful red walls contrast with the dark metals of the hardware.

Display tables hold anything a dealer of pain could ever imagine. Swords of every variety are laid out over long tables, ranging from thin fencing swords to meat cleavers, sabers to scimitars, kamas to katanas. Wall hooks hold larger weapons, organized by type. There are a great many flat weapons that seem more like clubs, a stunning array of war hammers, and, in a corner, an impressive collection of polearms and spears. In another corner, a rough wooden cabinet holds a selection of firearms, with prices marked on the high side.

Rutger himself lumbers throughout the facility, buffing, shining, and sharpening all his wares continuously.