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The rural township of Muffey (muh-FAY) is located to the immediate southeast of Brunnhold. Its proximity to the University means that many local affairs become entangled with University politics. A large number of adjunct faculty live in Muffey, and many students spend their summer vacations there. The mayor of Muffey is a galdori gentleman named Heimes Gaustant.

Muffey is known as a fashionable town. Its large galdori population (over half) means that the town has great wealth, and many influential fashions get their start on the world-famous Boardwalk; there are a number of fancy dress and hat shops, and the town profits from lots of tourism from abroad. As well as galdori, Muffey is home to many wealthy humans (mostly tailors), making it anomalous in the majority of Anaxas. The town caters to the tourists with themed restaurants, botanical gardens and quaint pathways along quiet streams. Many locals resent the constant influx of outsiders, but most business owners rely on the industry for their livelihood.

In stark contrast to its aristocratic image, some of the most violent protests against galdori rule have taken place on the streets of Muffey. Many residents live in constant fear of attack from the radical human freedom fighters. For example, the famous Tenth Street Affair, where Seventen officers subdued a rioting group of humans who were protesting the Tenth Street Hat Factory, is long remembered as a terrifying ordeal for the entire town. The workers protesting the inhumane factory conditions were brought to their knees with poisonous gases, and most did not survive the ensuing lung damage.

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