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The site of Ivenlath is a sacred and holy place, that in Gioran myth and legend is said to be the birthplace of Imaan, though this contradicts the Circle beliefs that the Pantheon are not from Vita. Regardless, the place is protected and revered.

Seated in the centre of a thick forest, there is a marked pathway made of carved stone marble, leading to a huge clearing. The clearing is littered with small rounded chunks of quartz, covering all the ground around a huge petrified white tree in the centre.


The tree is massive, standing approximately 110 feet tall with many gnarled bare branches that spread at least 42 feet wide. It is hardened to stone, and as white as bleached bone.

Many offerings to Imaan litter the tree's lower branches, or surround the massive base, wreaths of Imaan's Breath Blossom or baskets of fresh produce. Handmade representations of Imaan and Aminark Giore also dot the place, all left behind by pilgrims visiting in prayer or worship.

There are round the clock guards that live in a small home not that far from Iventre, who also serve as caretakers for the site.

It's rumoured that Aminark was buried under the roots of Iventre, but then its also said that she was carried into The Deep by followers who died on the way to seal her in an eternal tomb of quartz and gold. Neither myth is confirmed, as the texts that would tell this story are buried in the catacombs under Qrieth.


  • Olenek Danmete - Head caretaker for Ivenlath. Albino. Female passive. 57.