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The capital of Gior is Giorite, though it is not the most populated city in Gior. This honor belongs to the monumentally impressive temple city of Qrieth. The city of Qrieth is called "The Temple" by locals, who use many of the public locations on the cliff face for worship. Many citizens of Gior make pilgrimages to the city to see its remarkable design and worship at its many fountains, which are fed by a sacred underground waterfall.


Carved into the very heart of the Gioran mountain ranges by Aminark Giore herself, the temple of Qrieth has become one of the largest galdori cities in Gior. Originally founded as a place of learning and meditation, the original temple itself has expanded over the centuries to contain not only the Church Of The Eternal Child but also a library, a school, a shopping district and housing quarters. In the First Days, the Da Giore family instructed those who helped work on the city to dig deep and far, believing that Imaan himself was speaking through them to find refuge from the outside world that had so badly hurt Gior during the War of the Book. It was in these deep caverns and tunnels that the tribal galdori discovered the fine art of Echo Casting, a technique that allowed their spells to reverberate off the stone walls and strengthen the monic connection. Almost like casting in chorus, with a party of one.

Considered the true birthplace of the tall albino galdori that are known today, Qrieth is a favourite place to live and visit, provided you can get leave from the Da Huane family to enter, usually via someone who is native to Gior. The rocks themselves have been bleached white using both magic and chemical treatments, and as one enters the city they are faced with two tall white pillars impressively named Gates Of Imaan. Scones gouged into the canyon that leads you to the entrance glow softly with orange lamplight, and the floor of the canyon is covered with fine pale rock dust. Passing through the Gates, one feels the truth of their small and finite existence, the ancient white stone pressing down with an ominous sensation, as though at any minute it might come crashing down on those inside.

Upon passing through the guarded gates, one finds themselves in an amphitheater of sorts, with high arched stone ceilings and a polished white stone floor. It is immediately cooler inside, and temperatures inside the mountain city remain at a constant 9 degrees Celsius/48 Fahrenheit, regardless of the season. Discrete aqueducts are carved into the floor, to avoid being flooded by the almost persistent rains that shower the mountain. From the amphitheater there are a range of locations to visit.


Qrieth is an elite city, populated by those who feel at home more academically then physically. It houses approximately eighty thousand galdori, with about four hundred passives.

There are no humans in Qrieth and wicks are unheard of in all of Gior.


Qrieth does not import or export goods. They are entirely supported by Giorite's trade, and the produce or livestock grown in Imaans Caverns.


  • The Amphitheater - A gathering place of sorts for festivals, entertainment and events. Houses government offices, the jail, the courthouse and other official places of note.
  • Church Of The Eternal Child - Church for the followers of Imaan. Tended to by passive child priests from the age of ten to nineteen.
  • Temple Of Qrieth - The temple itself, also Home of the Da Huane family. Magic schooling is also held here.
  • Lowerton - The first housing district in Qrieth, for common worker galdori.
  • Middleton - The second housing district in Qrieth, for the wealthier entrepreneurial galdori.
  • Upperton - The third housing district in Qrieth, for the elite galdori such as government officials and such.
  • The Baths Of Giore - Public bathhouse for the Qrieth population, named in honor of Aminark. Fed by The Waters of Imaan.
  • The Archives - Library of Qrieth.
  • Bazaar - Shopping and business district of the city, open round the clock.
  • University of Gior - The school where all galdori attend to learn non-magic academia and discover their place in society.
  • The Menagerie - Something between a zoo and a breeding area for the albino fauna of Gior.
  • Imaans Caverns - a huge cavern designed to be a place of recreation and farming. Filled with beautiful bio luminescent lit nutrient rich pools that nourish the unique flora of the city. Fed by The Waters of Imaan.
  • The Chamber Of Echoes - A practice ground for galdori wanting to refine their monic ties with amazing acoustics. Also where students go to duel.
  • The Waters Of Imaan - A huge, beautiful and impressive underground waterfall that feeds the many baths, pools, rivers and fountains found throughout Qrieth.
  • The Deep - Largely unexplored by modern galdori, due to difficulties getting down there, The Deep is a series of catacombs dug miles under the mountain. It’s said there’s lost texts and treasures in the depths, but none have been able to get to them.