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Location Information
Name Graywatch. Often referred to as “The Vineyard” by members of the Seventen.
Location Old Rose Harbor, Anaxas – Redwine District
Type Government Facility
NPC Information
Proprietor Hanz Morde

Patrol Division

  • 1 Squad Sergeant (4 Snaps)
  • 4 Squad Ensigns (2 Snaps)
  • 4 Squad Recruits (1 Snap)

Investigation Division

  • 1 Constable Inspector (3 Snaps)
  • 1 Ensign Inspector (2 Snaps)

Services Division

  • 5 Medical Corps (1 with 3 snaps, 3 with 2 snaps, 1 with 1 snap)
  • 1 Animal Control (2 snaps)
  • 1 Records Keeper (3 snaps)
Play Status
Play Status Open, PM for Moderation


The Vineyard sticks out among other buildings in Old Rose Harbor. Not only is it larger and taller, with three stories of rooms and offices, it’s built out of granite. It sits on a half-acre lot to give it some separation from the surrounding buildings. No walls or hedges provide any sort of obstruction of the facility. At almost every hour of the day, at least one or two lights can be seen through the windows.

History and Operation

Graywatch was built during the early period of Old Rose Harbor’s development. Planning for the city to become the center of trade that it is today, the Seventen designed and built the structure to house a much larger presence than it currently holds. Yet, when Silas Hawke created organized crime and founded the Bad Brothers, the Anaxi government turned a blind eye and pulled many of the personnel that had been stationed at Graywatch. As the city grew, and the area that Graywatch became known as Redwine, the location was christened The Vineyard by other members of the Seventen. The nickname is often spoken with a negative connotation.

With the reduced number of personnel, many areas of the building are not in use. The government left a squad behind to maintain a presence and an eye on the activities occurring at the harbor. Rather than have a scrutinizing set of officials nearby, Silas has managed to corrupt many of the Seventen stationed at Graywatch.

Services Offered

Rarely is a seasoned Seventen seen patrolling the harbor. Those that are seen are often either first-timers or veteran officers looking to engage in something that they shouldn’t be. The facility itself has a small courtroom that is no longer used due to the lack of a judge being stationed at Graywatch. There is also a medical bay capable of treating four patients at once. At least one officer trained in Living Conversation is on duty in the medical bay at all times, while the other active duty medical staff are available to answer emergency calls.

The first floor provides the reception area, the abandoned courtroom, and the storage for records. On the second floor, are the training rooms to prepare for combat scenarios as well as some living quarters for those that are required to be reachable in the event of an emergency. The third floor provides the offices for the investigators and the officials in charge of Graywatch. In the basement is the medical bay as well as the jail. Graywatch is capable of holding as many as thirty individuals in its cells before reaching full capacity.


Many, if not most, of those stationed at Graywatch have been corrupted or compromised. Those that aren’t often attempt a quick transfer to another city, or are discovered floating face-down in the canal. For the right price, many will turn the other way. But there is still a flicker of pride that exists, one strong enough to deny any bribe should an officer feel insulted enough.