Damna Erth

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Perfection is the basis for all that Gior stands for.

Considered one of the most powerful places in all of Gior to utilise Echo Casting, Damna Erth is a gorge with perfect acoustics. This deep, wide gorge is an essential bottleneck for invading forces that would wish to intrude from the north or west of Gior. Armies caught in its funnel are ultimately trapped to the will and monic force of the Gioran magisters that live there.

Consisting of the deep grey quartz laced stone of the Shier mountains, the walls soar high up above any who move through the gorge, ominously towering and giving a huge advantage to anyone standing on the top. There is sparse tussock grass growth in the gorge floor.

Unfortunately at present, this military advantage is being hamstrung by the ongoing feud between the Da Huane and the Da Fintaine, as the Driegeth occupy the gorge and are in an alliance with the Da Fintaine. Of course to gain political power, the Da Fintaine would never allow enemy forces to invade Gior itself, but they do essentially hold the keys to the kingdom should they ever decide to form an allegiance with an invading country.