Crispin's Bakery

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From the outside, Crispin's Bakery might be mistaken for an ordinary house, if not for the hanging sign above the door announcing simply 'Bakery'. Beneath these words are lettered, almost too small to be seen, as if it was an afterthought of the maker, 'Proprietor: Crispin'. To the regulars, however, it is known as Crispin's Bakery, Crispin's, or the dockside bakery, though that's a bit of a misnomer. It has a view to the docks, though it's actually a few blocks inland.

It is a half-timbered affair, three stories high and dreadfully shabby. The upper floors are taken up by store rooms and very small apartments for the owner and his assistant. Situated on a corner near the border of the Castle Hill and West-and-Long neighborhoods, it is a favorite among sailors, dock workers, and anyone who has business in the harbor. On one of the side walls, near the join to the next house is a wide window, placed at a perfect height to lean against, that is always open during business hours, looking into the kitchen. The proprietor himself, Crispin, is usually there to sell a quick pasty or bun to passing workers, or anyone in a hurry.

If a customer needs anything more, they must go to the corner and enter the main shop. Though it looks in ill repair on the outside, the wood paneling of the shop room is always scrubbed clean. Behind the counter are numerous wooden shelves displaying the days breads, and a smaller one displays the daintier items. Everything from Crispin's 'four pound peasant loaf' to dainty sugar biscuits piped with sugar flowers is sold, though the dainties are usually in less demand. However, at his prices, most families who frequent the shop can afford to get one for special occasions and treats. Though gruff on the outside, the proprietor has a soft heart.


  • Crispin - male human; proprietor/head baker