Captain Gwendolyn Malieu

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Captain Gwendolyn Malieu
Gwendolyn Malieu
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Biographic Information
Age 32
Birthday 56 Roalis 2686
Place of Birth Brayde County, Anaxas
Current Location Vienda, Anaxas
Physical Information
Race Galdor
Gender Female
Height 5ft 4in
Hair Color Reddish-blonde
Eye Color Green
Face Claim Gwyneth Paltrow
Family Thieron Malieu (Husband)
Job Title Captain of the Services Division of the The Seventen


Attractive and youthful, Gwen Malieu is the youngest Services Captain in history. An extremely potent Living sorceress, she has earned her snaps through both her looks and her savvy. She is of medium height, a healthy build, and has a reddish-blonde hair that is indicative of Northern Anaxi Galdori. Her eyes are an emerald green, and she always keeps her hair tied back.


Motherly, that is the world to describe Gwen. She is soft-spoken and patient, but does not hesitate to speak her mind when the time comes. She has learned to take control of emergency situations, and doesn't take no for an answer, especially when lives are on the line. She is one of the foremost experts on treating amputees, and has a 90% success rate with magical amputation of limbs.


Gwendolyn grew up in the fertile landscape of Brayde County where her family has been plantation owners of various vegetable staples for centuries. She grew up in the fresh air and rolling fields, around animals and in the dirt. The eldest of two siblings, Captain Malieu was always the kind of young woman to take care of others, from animals to farm-hand children.

It was with reluctance that she left home at ten to study at Brunnhold away from home, but every break found her back in Brayde County at home. Living Conversation was a natural fit and her desire to take care of others had her blossoming in medical studies, but something was missing. It wasn't until a riot broke out in the Stacks during her eighth year as a student that she felt called to join the Seventen.

Succeeding through the rest of her education at Brunnhold and remaining for two years of post-graduate study to focus on healing and medicine, Gwendolyn passed her two years of training at Numbrey and rose to Captain so quickly no one is really sure how it happened.


Gwendolyn is often overshadowed by the other Captains and their personalities. She is considered the quiet one, but that doesn't mean she isn't busy or doesn't have an opinion. Instead, she waits for the right moment and always comes through with the help necessary in any given situation.