Basil York

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Basil York of the Aeterna Theatre Troupe is a world-famous actor. In most productions, he plays the leading man; he is particularly fond of musicals, and his throaty baritone is wildly popular in Anaxas. He has starred in such plays as "Seven Swallows Over Surwood," "My Heart and Thine," "Colonel Rutherford Crosses the Sea" and "Folk of the Deep Wood." He is known for his characteristic mugging; at opportune times during his plays, he winks at the audience, causing widespread swooning and screaming.

York is known to have a professional relationship with starlet Lillian Loveheart. Although they often appear together in public, and Loveheart stars alongside him in many productions with the Theatre, the two are not romantically involved. It is rumored that York prefers the company of men, a suggestion that has inspired fervent denial in many hopeful female fans.