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ArchivedNPC-Niamh Madden
Niamh Madden
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Biographic Information
Age 20
Birthday 02 - 07 - 2698
Place of Birth Vienda, Anaxas
Current Location Brunnhold, Anaxas
Physical Information
Race Galdori (Anaxi)
Gender Female
Height 5ft 4in
Hair Color Red-brown
Eye Color Hazel
Face Claim Bruna Dapper
Family Fionn (brother), Oísin (brother)
Job Title Student, Assistant Researcher


A smidgen above average height for a female Anaxi galdor, Niamh bears the hallmarks of a privileged lifestyle and one without any heavy lifting. She is slim, lacking any sort of muscle and if she got into any sort of physical altercation, it's fair to say that she could be taken down easily. She is waif-like, figure far from prominent although her features are still pretty and feminine. Her hair is red but blended with brown rather than an orange-red. The glossy locks are straight and fall to her shoulders, a broad fringe crowning a heavily freckled face. Her eyes are almond-shaped, hazel in hue and frequently alight with interest and curiosity. It isn't unusual to see the young woman with her head tilted, lips moving as she seems to sound out some inner thought.


Niamh is a passionate young woman. She is quick to laugh, cry and perhaps a little too quick to lose her temper too. While she enjoys a puzzle and has a great sense of curiosity, she can also become frustrated when she finds that answers aren't as forthcoming as she'd like. Although a little impatient at times, when she sets her mind on something, she's usually determined to see it through to its conclusion - no matter how long it takes.

Overall, Niamh is quite a personable girl, confident and quite willing to be friendly with all those who cross her path, which includes the lower races, much to the horror of her galdori family and friends. She seems to enjoy mediating between people, mending broken relationships and trying to create unity between people who might otherwise not see eye to eye.

Some might question if the eldest Madden has the ability to stomach the work involved with being a researcher, especially as a Living Conversationalist, and while she is perhaps a little squeamish about some things, the galdori woman is more than willing to roll her sleeves up and get her hands dirty. However, being sympathetic to those around her, she is highly uncomfortable about doing anything that might cause "harm" to others, something she has an aversion to but if she really has to do it...

Niamh does understand that the galdori are superior in a lot of ways but she also appreciates that wicks have magic and are "far" less stuffy in their ways. Her interest in humans tends to involve being a safe distance away from them as while in theory, she feels that they deserve some sympathy, she also feels that it's a good idea to be careful around them. Just in case. She has an intellectual interest in the Raen but hasn't encountered any to her knowledge.

The race that Niamh has the greatest interest and opinions on is one that she considers to be a sub-set of her own. She is highly sympathetic towards them, her thoughts on them more liberal than most of her fellows. She views them as disabled, worthy of their protection, aid and sympathy. Perhaps this is why she wishes to pursue research into the passives and their deficiencies.


Aptitude Skills







Focus Skills


Monite (Fluent)
Estuan (Fluent)
Gioran (Conversational)


Living (Intermediate)
Perceptive (Elementary)


Researcher (Beginner)


Niamh's childhood was a very happy one. As the eldest child of three and the only daughter, she found that she occupied a special place in her parents' hearts. When her other siblings came along, her parents love for her didn't appear to diminish and in the years before she came to Brunnhold, she found that she received more than her fair share. Niamh didn't understand why the second-born child and the eldest of her brothers, Fionn, should be oddly neglected within the family, especially by her father but even so, she found that she was more than a little envious of him and her youngest brother, Oísin. While she was treated as a little princess, her brothers were treated differently, frankly having more fun in the growing girl's eyes and it led her to many a sulk when she was forced to work on things like sewing, something the boys never had to do.

When she had the chance to take her initiation test, it was conducted at home and the girl was bursting with excitement and more than a little smug at being the first of her siblings to take it. Much to her pleasure, and her parents', she scored a 4, which was considered quite decent, especially given that their had been no particular magical ambitions for her.

Brunnhold opened a world of possibility to her and she found herself to be more than just a girl when she was within its walls. She began to gain confidence, excelling in her schoolwork and finding herself excited at the prospect of having her brothers join her on a more equal footing for once. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan in that area.

When the time for Fionn's initiation test came, she was home from Brunnhold on break. As such, when her brother failed his test, she was privy to his fate, especially given the resulting fallout. Her parents screamed at each other, apparently more enraged at one another than their failed son who they appeared to have forgotten almost as soon as he scored nothing. He was a non-person in their eyes, arguing about him in front of him while the girl was forced to listen from outside. She might have been the only one to shed a tear when her brother was taken away, sequestered away in the school that she loved so dearly although she never had a chance to see him.

Oh, it certainly wasn't the last that she heard about him, her parents' arguments taking place more frequently after that, Oísin relaying what he'd heard while his sister was away at school. Words like 'affair' and 'that blond bastard' were surprisingly common in occurrence, especially during the first year of Fionn's gating but his father did seem to like bringing up to punish her mother for her apparent marital transgressions. By the time her youngest brother's turn came to take the initiation test, her parents were considerably cooler towards each other, living under the same roof but largely separate from each other's lives. It was an arrangement that made visits home deeply uncomfortable and thus, when she took every chance she had to remain at Brunnhold, an awkward thing indeed given that her home was reasonably close to the university, just a few days away in Vienda.

In Brunnhold, there was enough of a gap in age between herself and Oísin that they didn't interact with each other much, Niamh more than a little embarrassed to be seen with her kid brother. In her earlier years, she'd made some tentative inquiries into the whereabouts of Fionn, who was closer in age, but had been dissuaded from doing so; better to ignore passives, especially if you were related to them. So when Oísin was caught in Fionn's violent diablerie, she wasn't actually aware who had been behind it, hadn't even recognised him from the - admittedly - vague descriptions that she heard afterwards.

Oísin became something of a nervous wreck after the incident, having suffered a number of fractures including a broken nose. While his injuries were dealt with and any sign of them removed from his body, the scars seemed to linger beneath the skin. The boy manifested a hatred of passives that was rooted in fear, seeking his sister out more than she would have liked to vent his fears. Additionally, she soon found herself seeking the boy out as his proficiency in magic grew as he took to tormenting Brunnhold's gated servants, something she actively discouraged.

A rift developed between the galdori siblings and although he was absent, Niamh found herself mentally growing closer with her idea of Fionn. It was an image rooted in pity of the boy that she remembered and shaped by the ill-treatment that she saw inflicted on the servants around her. While she didn't attempt to seek him out again, she thought of him often, sometimes wondering if he could have been the passive who had inadvertently injured their youngest brother. Every blond male passive she saw made her wonder if it could be him but she also felt certain that she'd recognise him if and when she saw him.

Her invisible and mostly imagined relationship with her passive brother made her interest in the galdori rejects grow, especially as she pursued Living Conversation, the theories behind passivity becoming first a fascination and later an obsession. Over the years, her interest has only grown, pushing her to do all she can to get in on examining and potentially solving the passive problem.


About to enter her final year at Brunnhold and receiving increasing pressure from her parents to marry soon after graduation, Niamh is determined not to let her magical talents go to waste, especially as she has no interest in being a walking womb. She's doing her best to make herself a valuable part of Brunnhold's community and hoping to have reason to stay once she finishes her mandatory education. She's trying to find a good niche for herself and is using a job as an assistant researcher to help with that although she does hope to be involved in sorting out the passive situation. At least some part of her hopes that she'll encounter her brother, Fionn.