Aminark Giore

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Long ago, when the world was new and fresh, a tribe of galdori lived within the mountain ranges to the south of Vita, where the echos of their casting gave them a more profound level of connection with the mona. As the world grew and turned, and tribes became villages and cities, the small mountain tribe held firm in their traditions and beliefs. They shunned those who would seek to pursue change under the false cry of progress, turning away from their fellow galdori and casting their eyes to their ruling family, Da Giore. The matriarch of this family, Aminark Giore, refused to let her people loose what made them galdori. What made them whole. She called to her those loyal to the family, and with their knowledge and traditions, the peoples of the tribe closed themselves off from the rest of the world by building an enormous city into the mountains themselves. Aminark herself spent endless hours of endless days carving the great temple that would once come to be known as Qrieth. ~ Neiman Orathan, The Histories of Giore, 2552

Creator of Qrieth and Giorite in approximately 2200 and the matriarch of the original founding family of Giore, Aminark Giore was known as the most pure and perfect galdori ever born - or at least to the Gioran people. Born an albino, as pale as fresh snow, taller than her peers and afflicted with pale pink eyes, Aminark was the living embodiment of the Eternal Child.

Aminark had a great vision for the future, and in 2401 one of the largest acts of genocide known in Vita was committed by the Da Giore family under her rule. They ordained that any babes without the albino features of Aminark herself would be left to the fate of Imaan on the highest peak of the great mountain ranges. To encourage these features, Aminark herself was rumored to become almost a breeding stock, birthing a line of descendants that bore the albino gene and spread it among their people.

Aminark Giore was an extraordinarily powerful Physical sorcerer, using her deep monic connection to carve the temple of Qrieth and assisting in the creation of Giorite. Some of the older texts say that even in her twilight years, Aminark looked no more than thirty, and was buried in The Deep with her diamond scepter. This scepter has been the focus of many Gioran student papers, and theories suggest it may have been a type of prodigium or scrying tool.