Vienda Riot of 2718

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Vienda Riot of 2718
Date 25 Yaris, 2718
Location Anaxas
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Plot GenrePolitics
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Event Description

The Vienda Riot lasted from the 25th to the 30th of Yaris 2718. It eventually overwhelmed the Seventen, and the King and Queen agreed to call in the Anaxas Armed Forces (the AAF). Quickly and efficiently, mostly through the use of magic, the rioters were squashed, and many arrested.

The riot mostly took place in the Dives and outside of the walls of Vienda proper, but did eventually spill over in some places into Uptown and most of the capital city. What begins as a tribal dispute between the Red Crow and Yellow Eye tribes of nomadic wicks in the city during the sweltering heat of the Dry Season soon explodes into a huge wave of looting, violence, and expression of discontent against galdori oppression from all of the lower races (and probably even a few galdori, too).

This is an opportunity that many folks take advantage of, including the Resistance. Unfortunately, however, the Resistance is also later blamed for the start of the riot, though it is a false accusation.