Silas Hawke

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Silas Hawke is a crime lord living and operating in Old Rose Harbor. He currently controls most criminal activity within the harbor through his organization called the Bad Brothers, and commissions pirates and even legitimate businessmen into assisting his trafficking business. Hawke mainly moves opiates onto the mainland, but has been known to deal in other unauthorized substances.

Fussy and arrogant, Hawke is hardly what one could call a rough criminal. His taste for fine clothing, wine, music and culture have carried him into excess. Furthermore, his self-appointed title "King of the Underworld" has rubbed more than a few people the wrong way. However, Hawke's power is undeniable. His bodyguards are loyal; he pays them too much to be otherwise. His reach extends even into the mainland, down the Arova and into the city of Vienda.

Unknown to many, Silas Hawke is actually a wick, and makes use of most of the conversations he comes across. It is said that Hawke was once a member of the Black Hand tribe, though if this is the case he has long since drifted from his nomadic roots.

Because he is so useful and instrumental to the Anaxi economy, Hawke is not being hunted by the government; he has on occasion dealt directly with galdori. His high-level employees sometimes go unprosecuted in the Vienda courts.