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Thorns:Uprising is a play-by-post forum RPG with an emphasis on creative writing, story and character development, and community. It's a lot to look at, we know, but fear not! We have created this handy little guide for starting out in the game.

About the Game

Here you can find an introduction to the game's story. It talks about the different races, locations and major plot lines of the game, and will help you decide what kind of character you want to play. However, this alone is not enough information to make your character. There are lots of links here to pages that will help you with whatever you decide.

Character Creation

In order to create a character and participate in the Thorns: Uprising story, follow this guide take you step by step through writing and submitting your first character. It will explain the different parts of the character creation process, as well as tips for what will make a good character sheet.

Rules for Play

You can find a general guide to the rules of the game in this section. While we don't have posting requirements or official activity checks, for example, we do ask that you give your partners enough to reply to and make at least one post a season in order to be considered active.

Plots & Storylines

Thorns: Uprising is a narrative-focused game where both player-let plots and main story arcs are the lifeblood of why and what we're writing on a regular basis. Whether you're working along side other players to accomplish a goal or suddenly tangled up in a moderated storyline, there is so much going on! You can check out these stories soon, as new sections are added here in the Lore.

The Compendium

Want to know more about the world of Vita? The Compendium will have it all at your fingertips, from Geography to Language, Races to Magic, Religion to Science. You'll be able to look up the Fauna and Flora, learn a bit about the various Cultures of the Kingdoms, and figure out what the difference is between a Concord and a Bird. This is the bulk of our Lore here on Thorns. While it's currently available for your exploration, it's also in the process of being re-organized, so please be patient!

Feel free to read as much of the wiki as you want to so much as you can create a character when you're ready to get started. If you look to your left, you will see a sidebar with a lot of little links. Click those to explore topics. If you have a question, it will probably be answered there. If not, you can always contact one of your friendly neighborhood moderator or find our community on Discord.

The most important thing at this point is: don't be intimidated! This might seem like a whole lot of information to absorb, but if you take your time, you will probably find that you get through it quicker than expected.

Don't worry too much about fitting in. This is a welcoming, friendly sort of place.