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This is a list of typical appearances of the people in various kingdoms. These are common traits, but they are not universal to the races, as there is a good amount of cross-breeding and genetic variation.

While details here are focused on the varied appearances of the Six Kingdoms, but there are rumors of how the people of outsider locations may also look further below.

Kingdom of Anaxas


Galdori & Passives

Anaxi galdori are small and lithe by nature, noticeably short compared to Anaxi humans. The average height for men is 5'5", and the average for women is 5'3". They have pale skin that freckles more than tans, delicate features, and high cheekbones. Their hair is usually red, with other colors (such as black, brown and blonde) having reddish tones. Blonde hair is relatively uncommon. Their eyes can be yellow as well as blue, brown, green, hazel, or grey. Galdori women like to grow their hair long, and galdori men often have neatly trimmed facial hair. Full beards are uncommon.


Anaxi humans tend to have taller, stockier frames than galdori, and are physically strong, with plenty of lean muscle. The average height for men is 6'0", and the average for women is 5'7". They generally have medium-to-light toned skin, but some humans tend to tan instead of freckle. Unlike the galdori, humans have round eyes. They range from blue to dark brown, and often are framed with long lashes. Hair is typically dark brown, black, or blonde; red hair is uncommon. Human women often wear their hair up, wrapped in a scarf or tied back; leather headbands, embossed with symbols, are also fashionable. Human men generally grow beards after they get married, but before that, they shave.

Wicks & Wick Parse

Anaxi wicks look like a mixture of humans and galdori. Due to the high variability of their heritage, their height is varied too; it is rare, however, for a wick to be taller than the average human. Their skin is usually more tanned and freckled; wick-born wicks tend to have darker skin. Wicks tend to be strong and lean, but small and lithe like their magical brethren. They can have yellow eyes, though it is unusual. Brown or hazel eyes are the most common. Red or black hair is normal for a wick, though they often dye their hair with chemicals, producing strange shades of blue, green or purple. Sometimes wicks dye their hair several colors at once. Wicks often have elaborate tattoos, and tribal wicks especially like to identify themselves with their tribes. Earrings and jewelry are common for both men and women. Witches (female wicks) tend to put their hair in long, intricate braids or other elaborate designs. They often keep their hair long and wild, for effect. Male wicks like to keep themselves clean-shaven and youthful, though some grow massive sideburns, often trying to outdo one another. Small pointed beards are not entirely uncommon.

Kingdom of Bastia


Galdori & Passives

Bastians are closely related to the Anaxi people, and are relatively similar in terms of size. Although most Bastians are paler, some galdori have skin more olive in tone. Unlike Anaxi, however, Bastian galdori more often have black or dark brown hair, and are much less likely to be freckled. They tend to have diamond- or heart-shaped faces, and cleft chins are relatively common. Like Anaxi, their eyes can be yellow, but can also be blue, brown, green, hazel or grey. In Bastia, facial hair tends to be more decoratively styled; elaborate beards and mustaches are popular among galdori men.


Bastian humans also look fairly similar to Anaxi humans. They are taller than their galdori counterparts, and generally stockier, with long, lean muscle. Both due to genetics and lifestyle, they tend to be more tan, with olive skin relatively common. Their hair is dark, like Bastian galdori, and their eye colors range considerably, although they never have yellow eyes, and lighter colors - blue, hazel, green, and gray - are relatively less common.

Wicks & Parse

Bastian wicks tend to look more like humans than galdori, although their height is comfortably in the middle. Along the border with Hesse, it is not unusual to see wicks with more Hessean features.

Kingdom of Hesse


Galdori & Passives

Hessean galdori have dark, thick hair, ranging from straight to wavy. Most have skin tones often described as tan, ranging from brawn to tawny to a lighter fawn. Their features are chiseled, and square jaws are common, although hardly universal. Long, strong but straight noses are typical, as are heavy eyebrows. Their eyes range in color, with dark, light yellow and blue eyes all found among them; yellow eyes are widely considered the most attractive. Hessean galdori tend to be taller than other galdori, with the average height for men at 5'8", and the average for women at 5'6".


Hessean humans look similar to the galdori, but are shorter, stockier and stronger. The average height for men is 5'5", and the average for women is 5'3". They tend to have wider noses and cannot have yellow eyes. Lighter colored and curlier hair is more common among Hessean humans, who often have redder and browner tones and a variety of textures.

Wicks & Parse

Hessean wicks look like a mixture between humans and galdori. They tend to imitate the style of Anaxi wicks, dyeing their hair different colors (reddish-brown is a common favorite) and wearing lots of jewelry.

Kingdom of Hox


Galdori & Passives

Hoxian galdori are small, short and lithe. Their skin tends to range from khaki to ivory shades, with cool undertones and a tendency to freckle common in many places. Their faces tend to be wide, with small flat noses, high cheekbones and thin lips. They have straight and thin black (or very dark brown) hair, and slanted, almond-shaped eyes, usually black or green. Yellow eyes are almost completely vanished from Hoxian genes, though occasionally a yellow-eyed galdor will appear when both parents share the trait. Hoxian women tend to wear their hair cut short or pulled back with an ornamental tiara. Men are always clean-shaven. Little jewelry is worn by either gender.


Hoxian humans are taller and stronger than the galdori, and have slightly darker skin; apart from that, there is no great genetic difference. They are more prone to growing out their facial hair as they age, with elderly men marking their longevity and wisdom by the length of their beards.

Wicks & Parse

Hoxian wicks are few, but those that live on The Steppes are a very hardy mixture of galdori and human ancestry—short and compact, Hoxian wicks are a sturdy, nomadic people used to the cold, harsh landscape. They are darker in skin hues like humans, and the occurrence of yellow eyes are far more common among wicks than galdori. With some mixed heritage from the tribal wicks of Mugroba, it's not uncommon to see the occasional Hoxian wick with Mugrobi features, such as curlier hair or brighter eyes.

Kingdom of Gior


Galdori & Passives

Gioran galdori are tall and tend to be quite physically strong. The average height for men is 6'0", and the average for women is 5'8". They have sharp, angular features, straight noses, and extremely slanted eyes. Most Gioran galdori are born with albinism - they have white hair, extremely pale skin and pink eyes. Those that are not born with albinism are often thought less of in society. (Those unlucky few are usually born with red or strawberry blonde hair and pale skin.) Gioran men tend to cut their hair off at the shoulder and wear it in a knot, while the women often let their hair grow long and wild. Some galdori men grow beards, which can be unkempt. Those without albinism often shave their heads to be less noticeable. Hair usually comes in loose curls.


Gioran humans do not have the albinism gene. They are also tall and strong, with blunter features, straight noses and larger eyes. The average height for men is 6'2", and the average for women is 5'10". Their hair tends to be black, straight and without much body; their eye color is usually green, but can be hazel, brown or (rarely) blue.

Wicks & Parse

Wicks are a rare occurrence in Gior, as the galdori and humans live rather isolated from each other. When this does happen, however, Gioran wicks don't often inherit the albinism gene, and they tend to resemble humans more than galdori. They can have yellow eyes.

Kingdom of Mugroba


Arati & Imbali

Mugrobi galdori (arati) are small, short and lithe. In general, they are slightly more petite than the average Anaxi galdor. They tend to have very dark, almost black-brown skin and very clear complexions, along with round faces and eyes, with low-set cheekbones and wide, flat noses. Their eyes are most commonly black and brown, but can range to brilliant blue or yellow; their hair is tightly curled and most often dark black, although there are families where lighter colors exist. Female galdori tend to grow their hair out, while male galdori crop it close to the head or cut it entirely. Mugrobi galdori do not grow facial hair. Piercings and ornate jewelry are common in both men and women.


Mugrobi humans are taller and stronger than the galdori. The average height for men is 5'10", and the average for women is 5'6". Their skin is lighter, more like chocolate brown, and they tend to have more variation in their facial features. They are very close in appearance to the galdori, although they tend to have more variation in their facial features and almost never have light-colored hair. Most Mugrobi males shave their heads; some females do the same, while others keep their hair tightly wrapped in fabric. Some Mugrobi humans do grow facial hair. Their eyes are either brilliant blue or brown, but never yellow.

Wicks & Parse

Mugrobi wicks tend to look like humans, though they can have yellow eyes and often have much lighter-colored hair.

Muluku Islanders

Those who hail from the Muluku Islands are often a mixture of several different ethnic heritages. The island is seen as a kind of melting pot for people of different nationalities. The typical islander still has dark skin, although often not as dark as non-islanders, and dark hair, which is finer and straighter than hair from the mainland. Galdori from the Islands can grow facial hair as well.



Naulanese people are, as far as anyone currently knows, exclusively galdori. They have deep olive-colored skin that is slightly greenish (they are said to have a high copper concentration in their skin but of course no one has been to Naulanon in centuries). Their faces are very round, with round features - eyes, nose, mouth - and small ears. Their hair is usually black and fine. Their eyes are almost always yellow. Naulanese people are tall, lanky and are extremely agile.


The Shothan people have no racial differences, mainly because they interbreed. They have tan-to-mocha-colored skin and blue-black hair; their eyes are large and deep black in color, with no visible iris and very little white showing. They are the tallest race in Vita, some stories and ancient documents claiming they are capable of reaching a height of seven feet. It is worth mentioning that no one has actually seen a Shothan in several centuries, so this description may be outdated.