Briny Joe Billows

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Notorious pirate captain Briny Joe Billows, formerly of the ship Precipice, was once in the employ of Silas Hawke and the Bad Brothers. His job was to secure trade routes, and he was often asked by Hawke to take out any would-be competition on the high seas. For many years he was feared, respected and idolized by many other pirates, as much as one pirate can respect another. Said to be a man of great honor, his word was as good as gold.

However, after many long months adrift at sea, Billows began to develop a disorder known as the Pathos. He became depressed and isolated from his former crew and his first mate, Iale DuPont. Many of his crew deserted him in the Muluku Islands, believing him to be losing his touch. Upon returning to port to hire a new crew, Briny Joe disappeared.

Before he disappeared, he had sent word to Hawke that he had made an incredible discovery - an uncharted island with vast treasure. At the news of his disappearance, Hawke put out a price on his head, hoping to retrieve the map that he had made during his travels.

Currently, Briny Joe Billows remains at large.