Winslow Coors

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Winslow Coors
Winslow Coors
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Biographic Information
Age 47
Birthday 04 10 2718
Place of Birth Vienda, Anaxas
Current Location Vienda, Anaxas
Physical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 6ft 2in
Hair Color Dark grey salt and pepper
Eye Color Grey
Face Claim Stephano
Family n/a - Balder's Circus is his family
Job Title Clown in Balder's Circus


Winslow is the epitome of what one might consider the grumpy old man clown. He has dark grey salt and pepper hair, grey eyes and a frowning weary face.


He likes his cigarettes and his drink, and whilst he seems like an ersehole, he is actually probably the kindest person known. He acts as kind of a cool uncle to the two boys and helps them avoid Balder’s curfews.


Born in 2671, in the great city of Vienda, Winslow Augustus Coors was the son of a moderately well to do tailor and his wife who cooked for the Clockwork Stag. He enjoyed a relatively quiet childhood, and saw very little of the galdori cruelty in the safe comfort of his fathers shop. In 2687 he joined the Anaxi Armed Forces, but sustained a deliberating leg injury in a minor Hessen conflict in 2688. Leaving the forces, Winslow took his severance pay and lived as a nomad across the vivid landscape of Vita. Marrying a beautiful young human Gioran in the foothills of Drah Lie in 2689, the eighteen year old sired twins and was more than happy to settle down.

Unfortunately, there were complications, and both his infant sons and his wife died during labour. Distraught and sick with grief, the human took off into the world again. He lived a few months with a Mugrobi kenser shepherd, learning how to provide for the foals who’s parents abandoned them for whatever reasons kensers might have to do so. Taking a boat back to Anaxas in 2690, which was attacked by a pirate raid, Winslow found himself washed up on Fentail Isle. Making his sorry and sore way to Dutaim, the nineteen year old saw an advertisement for folks interested in joining a circus. With nothing but the clothes on his back, Winslow met with Balder and Briana King, and in a bizarre twist of fate he found himself in the role of ‘clown’. The trio became close friends, family more than anything, however in 2694 Briana fell to her death on the trapeze. Balder retreated to his old family farm, and unable to stay in once place for long, Winslow packed his things and left to travel the world again.

Living in Old Rose Harbor for a number of years, working in the Rose Arena, Winslow aged poorly. He developed a love of tobacco and booze, and too often found himself in the Mad Queen. What was he doing with his life? Forcing himself to move again in 2708, Winslow wandered into Coombe-dale. Whilst walking through the main street looking for a place to sleep the middle aged man ran into a starving young street rat by the name of Dorian Slick. His heart ached, seeing in the boy the children he’d never had the chance to meet. Gruff, never admitting his reasons, Winslow took Dorian under his wing and they left Coombe-dale to travel to the Nomadic Lands. There, the duo took up with a small Laughing Sky fami tribe, where they stayed for a couple of years happily. But the man felt heavy, he knew that this wasn’t where he belonged. It wasn’t his true family.

Picking up their lives, Winslow had planned to take the boy up to Muffey and possibly even Vienda, but during a brief stop in Ballast in 2711, the duo stumbled upon a teenager by the name of Taegan Jank and his teeny tiny chrove kitten, Clarabelle. Suddenly, the man who had lost his twin sons found himself with two teenage boys who could have been his own children. His heart felt full, but something still ate at him. There was someone from his family that he needed to find. One more he needed to save.

Boys and kitten in tow, Winslow hopped in the only ferry that would travel to Fentail Isle, and in the winter of 2712 Winslow Coors knocked on the door of his old friend, Balder King. After many drinks, and heartfelt reminiscing, Winslow reminded Balder what the circus meant to the both of them. What family meant.

And that, is how Balder’s Circus truly began.


Currently all of the circus folk including Winslow are recovering from the devastation of the 2718 Riots.