Thul'Amat Exhibition

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Thul'Amat Exhibition
Date 1 Hamis, 2720
Location Mugroba
Important Details
Category Event
Plot GenrePolitics
Thread Type Open

Event Description

2720 marks the turning of the seat of the Symvoulio from Anaxas to Mugroba, and the first time in many decades that the full Vyrdag will convene in Thul Ka. To celebrate their new geopolitical power, Thul'Amat announces what it hopes will be the world’s largest exhibition of academic and scientific progress.

The exhibition will be held from 1 Hamis to 10 Hamis, and is open to all members of the Vyrdag, and professors and students from any of the Six Kingdoms who wish to make the journey. It will begin with an enormous opening ceremony on the evening of 1 Hamis, and will involve presentations, demonstrations and tours from every one of Thul’Amat’s colleges during the subsequent nine days.

OOC Note: This event is open to all characters who are politically or academically connected, and there will be a number of flexible opportunities for participation. If you are interested, let moralhazard know; we will plan to begin IC events in late July 2020.