The Widow's Walk

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The Widow's Walk is a tavern and bar located on the northeast side of Old Rose Harbor. It is famous for its real glass windows, beautiful view, and shockingly edible fare.


Overlooking the bay, this austere establishment is a magnificent monstrosity of rich cherrywood beams and golden pine walls. It is a tall building, at least a floor above those around it; inside, its rafters seem to extend upwards into the heavens. It looks as though it were built in stages, with every new floor being added to the preexisting one with imprecise tools. The ground floor is relatively plain - a crackling fire in the mantle, a lone bard warbling out a sea chanty in the corner, some rowdy drunks at the bar. But up a few ladders and across a few rickety wooden bridges to the rooftop and you'll be at the real Widow's Walk.

The balcony extends out over the rooftops of the town below it, and looks out on the beautiful Mahogany Bay. At sunset, the dying light cascades across the building and hits the gleaming wood just right. Many of the more poetical sailors have written at length about how pleasant the experience is. On the balcony, simple food and drink are served on elegantly rustic tables. Wine bottles with candles stuck in them, a constant fixture at any classy joint, are everywhere.

The Widow's Walk serves as a resting spot for sailors and pirates taking a break from seafaring; for five shills you can rent a very adequate room, possibly one overlooking the bay. It is also a convenient and popular meeting spot for the residents and visitors to Old Rose.